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Posted 9/12/12 , edited 9/12/12
Okay, well I did the contest on Omegle, and today someone pointed out to me that no one voted Werewolf when it was up against the Vampire. He said he totally would have voted for it.
That inspired me to remake the contest for here, and a few other sites.
Note: I am adding another 16 to the listing and will check the votes every day at 10 PM and again at around 12 PM (I cannot check Facebook at 12 due to Squidblock unless it is the weekend)
There is no set votes for victory of a Round, I will just end the round after a day or two, maybe three depending on how long it takes.
You may vote once per Pairing. You cannot vote here then go to an account on another site you found this on and vote. I will know.
Vote for favourite or scariest. I don't care which.
Now. Onto the contestants!

Slender Man vs Onryō

The Rake vs The Bogeyman

BEN (BEN DROWNED) vs The Tails Doll

The Chupacabra vs Windigo

Goatman vs The Minotaur

Vampire vs Werewolf

The Grim Reaper vs The Four Horsemen

Bloody Mary vs Woman in White

Cockatrice vs Basilisk

Hydra vs Cerberus

Banshee vs Demon

Siren vs Zombies

Black Dog vs Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Jeff the Killer vs Changeling

Kraken vs Leviathan

SCP-087 (The Stairwell) vs SCP-173 (The Sculpture)
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