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Posted 9/13/12 , edited 11/25/12
Group Rules

If you have any Questions or Comments or Suggests Pm me shinsonic23
-- No Godmodding --
-- Keep it PG13, keep swearing to a minimum. --
-- 1 Paragraph minimum. That means 5 to 7 sentences --
-- Be dedicated- This is a long running rp so if you join you stay. --
-- No killing without permission. --
-- The Creator word is Law, what his says goes--
-- I have the right to refuse any profile I chose no matter the reason. --
-- I am the creator without question, and as the creator can godmod if I see fit --

►Be creative! -Make you Character unique and Yours.

► There well be no waiting to be approved. Once you feel your dream character is complete you start Rping and Fighting.

►You Can have as many Characters you wish to have just make sure you use them all!

► AS CREATOR OF THIS GROUP. shinsonic23 IS ALLOWED TO REFUSE ANY profile he chose no matter the reason.

►Any Race from the Show and Manga is allowed here. You can even make up your own race. A few races from the show is in spoiler

►You may use characters from the DBZ show and Manga as well.

►We Do have Preset Characters for this group. That means these characters are for the Main Story Line. IF you would like to use one of this characters and edit them to your liking. ASK shinsonic23. Remember whatever you do with this character DOES NOT effect them in the Main Story Line.

NO Regeneration what so ever. NO Time like Powers. NO One Hit Kill Moves. NO SUPER SAYIAN 4's or beyond Any other Skill/Technique/Power from the Show and Manga are oked. You can even make up your very own fighting styles. But Remember shinsonic23 is allowed to Refuse any Skill/Technique/Powers he chose no matter the reason.

Mostly Importantly have Fun and Enjoy the group. If you have any Questions or Comments or Suggests then ask them on the wall or in the ☆The Fighter's Lounge☆ or PM the creator shinsonic23


Posting Styles
Now I have Rped on a site called Gaiaonline. It was fun and the way they made their posts come alive was that had these thing called Post Style. An example is in spoiler. The most simple form of a Post style is a Picture of your character and then your post. You dont have to get fancy with them. Just a Picture of your character and your posts is fine. I would like it if everyone would do this in ALL of your posts. This is a requirement for this group. Its just something I thought would make this group stand out from other groups.


How does this group work?
Its quite simple really you pick or make a character you wanna Play as and boom your ready to Rp.

Can I make my Own Character?
Yes, You can. Just try not to make Op (OverPowered characters) Or they WILL BE REJECTED

OK, I Picked/ Made a Character. Can I play or make another?
Yes, Each member of this rp can pick as many characters or make as many as they can handle.

Can my character I created be apart of the Main Story?
Sure, Just ask the creator shinsonic23 if you may post in the exciting Saga events. he will giving you the details and your characters role. Due note that ALL CHARACTERS in the Main story are consider the most powerful in this group.

How do I Quote?
Look at the top right hand corner of the response that you wish to quote. The words Permalink, Reply and Quote will be right there. In order to quote it, click quote. If you want to multi-quote, then click the boxes beside Quote on the responses. Go down to the bottom of the page where it says Quote Selected. Click that.

How do I spoiler my excess quote, or response?
In order to spoiler the information just place this [*spoiler*] at the beginning of the information you wanted quoted. And this [*/spoiler*] at the end of it. Just remember to remove the stars (*'s) in order for it to work.

Where do I post if I am about to be absent for a while?
You can post it on the wall, or message a the Creator. And we will know.

How Many Times can we Post in a Arch/Event?
As many times as you wish. You dont have to wait for someone else to post in the Arch. You make one Post and then another and so on. If you wish to continue the story and your tried of waiting on someone reply then by all means continue without them. If you wish to Use their Character OR a NPC in your post make sure you get it Oked with who ever is in charge of that said character. The members of the group=write the story in how you would like it to run. All I, the creator, shinsonic23 will do is follow your lead and add your ideas to my ideas. You guys are the authors, I'm more like the publisher.

If you have any Questions or Comments or Suggests Pm me shinsonic23
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