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Posted 9/14/12 , edited 9/15/12
Note: Had to vote myself to clear up ties. Don't judge me. I still count. I'm not a corporation of hundreds of people. I'm one guy. I have an opinion.

Slender Man: 3 votes Onryō: 1 vote
Slender Man advances

The Rake: 1 vote Bogeyman: 2 votes
Bogeyman advances

BEN: 2 votes The Tails Doll: 0 votes
BEN advances

Chupacabra/The Goat Sucker: 1 vote Windigo: 3 votes
Windigo advances

Goatman: 0 votes Minotaur: 4 votes
Minotaur advances

Vampire: 4 votes Werewolf: 2 votes
Vampire advances

Grim Reaper: 3 votes Four Horsemen: 1 vote
Grim Reaper advances

Bloody Mary: 3 votes Woman in White: 1 vote
Bloody Mary advances

Cockatrice: 2 votes Basilisk: 1 vote
Cockatrice advances

Hydra: 3 votes Cerberus: 1 vote
Hydra advances

Banshee: 0 votes Demon: 4 votes
Demon advances

Siren: 1 vote Zombies: 3 votes
Zombies advance

Black Dog: 3 votes Bigfoot: 1 vote
Black Dog advances

Jeff the Killer: 1 vote Changeling: 2 votes
Changeling advances

Kraken: 1 vote Leviathan: 3 votes
Leviathan advances

SCP-087: 1 vote SCP-173: 0 votes
SCP-087 advances

Get ready for Round 2!
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