Eques Village

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Posted 9/16/12 , edited 9/16/12
Eques Village is taken over by monsters, the villagers live in fear.

Village Head - Quest
Molly - Quest
Fisherman - Quest
Hunter - Quest
Tabitha - Quest

Cameron - Armour/Weapon Shop
Sherry - Utility Shop


Name : Rat-Mutant
Level: 20
Drops: Rat-Mutant Fangs, Rat-Mutant Claws. 70 Copper.

Name: Rat-Mutant King Igor *Boss*
Level: 25
Drops: Handkerchief [Quest], Agility Potion. 150 Copper

Name: Fire Pixie
Level: 23
Drops: Fire Crystal, HP Potion, MP Potion. 100 Copper

Name: Fire Fairy Elenore *Boss*
Level: 28
Drops: Fire Flower, Pet Egg, 200 Copper
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