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Posted 9/18/12 , edited 10/21/12
This is a re-repost with changes from my other forum!
This is a REMAKE of Death Note live action, not the American remake!! And here are my dream casts!!

Light as Yusuke Izaki

L as...honestly, it's really hard to think anyone except Kenichi matsuyama

Misa as Lena Fujii, don't know if she can act plus maybe a bit old to play Misa i guess now, but does have that appearance, plus she's a model!

Near as Kanata Hongo, he's got that evil kid genius look to him

Mello as Jamie Campbell, i know, but i found Mello really hard to find, he's got a unique girly face mix psycho intense. i thought Jamie's eye can look a bit scary at times, so him.

or maybe Caleb Landry Jones

Naomi Misora as Bing Bing Li

Soichiro Yagami as Gary Oldman
I am thinking Light and Sayu are mix, so their mother would be Japanese.

Sayu Yagami as Kiko Mizuhara, She's a model and actress!

Matsuda as Eiji Wentz

Anthony Carter as Josh Holloway

Stephen Gevanni as Tamaki Hiroshi

Halle Lidner as Olivia Wilde

I'm not too sure the others, don't have any clues yet.
Who would you guys wanna see play Death Note??
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