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Posted 9/18/12 , edited 9/18/12
As a high school student who LOVES writing but sometimes needs help, I'm putting this up for people to get help with aspects of English that they have problems with or papers they want proof read.

That is cheating. We do not support cheating here, we support growth.
No one is going to improve if you only point out faults.
We can't help if we don't know what to do!
4) PG-13 at most please!
-more rules will be added when required.-

As time goes on I'll put references in spoilers here and possibly a FAQ if need be.
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Posted 9/18/12 , edited 9/18/12
And here I am being the first one to ask for help.

This is a five paragraph informative essay. I must list 3 refs, and answer the question "what does it mean to be poor in america today?"

“What does it mean to be poor in America?”

November is approaching fast, and that means that it’s almost time for elections. Ads are all over the TV, YouTube, and even everyday webpages. This year one of the number one things we keep on hearing in said ads is poverty. Presidential candidates have been bringing up the term for some time now. They use it as a tool, saying that they can make it go away, saying that one in seven Americans are in poverty today. But how can that be true? One in seven is a lot of people in our little town of ____, and that definitely doesn’t fit what most people envision when they think ‘poverty’.

The average mental image of a person in poverty is, as put in 'Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?’ unable to provide a family with nutritious food, clothing and reasonable shelter. This doesn't seem to fit one out of seven people I see today! In fact, I've only seen about four homeless people in _____. Almost all of my friends have a computer at home, and even if they don't, they still have food on the dinner table every night.

And that’s where they get us. Most people in poverty, according to, have at least one car, A/C, Cable TV, DVD & VCR player, game systems, kitchen appliances like an oven, stove, microwave, fridge, & other household conveniences like a coffee maker, washer, & dryer. This makes you think doesn't it? I'm pretty sure I am in poverty, and I’m enjoying myself! This is probably because I’m in relative poverty, not absolute poverty. But even so, people in other countries where I am below the poverty line struggle with their income.

This is because of how poverty is determined. Ralph Byrns’ essay titled ‘Poverty: Absolute and Relative’ Says that poverty is a relative concept determined by place and time. In the past, very few of us Americans were rich. Now, in every state I can find many rich communities. Because of this the expectations for everyone else has risen, and now we honestly live better lives than those presidential ads make us believe. Maybe we should start looking at absolute poverty more than overall poverty.

So, basically, if you’re in poverty, you’re probably just the average American. You have money to buy good food and clothing. You live in a house or apartment with water and air conditioning. You can save money up to go on vacation once a year and use your money to buy computers and cellphones. The only time that it gets as bad as what most people think poverty is, is if you’re in absolute poverty, and that isn’t common.

And thats what I've got for a draft.
Posted 9/19/12 , edited 9/20/12
/off topic

I'm currently working on an Informative essay in my class ._. My topic is about Dreams xD shall be fun. hehehehe. I may post it on here, maybeee.

ANYWAYS. about your paper.
For a draft, I think it's well written and 'informative'. Didn't really see an issue for this draft (prob because its past midnight here) but in the third paragraph,

VCR player, game systems, and kitchen appliances like an oven,

Cable TV, DVD &
Don't write out the "and" symbol in your paper, write out the word because its the English language.

nit picky, I know. depending on how your teacher grades, it might not matter.

Good luck on your final ^^
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Posted 9/20/12 , edited 9/21/12
DARNIT. Thought I caught all those. >.< oh well. Thank you!
Posted 9/25/12 , edited 9/26/12
You're welcome
I would post my essay, but I dont feel like it since I think it sucks and I dont feel like doing any homework lately ;__;

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