SAO avatar contest!

Posted 9/18/12 , edited 9/19/12
Hello SAO fans! We are having an SAO avatar contest!!! And we would like you to enter.

In this SAO avatar contest you can create your SAO avatar using any program or site you want.

The mods/creator will be judging the contest. If you have any questions, please PM me or the creator.

1. NO mods or the creator may enter.
3: MUST be SAO related
4. HAVE FUN!!!

Winners will get to have their avatar set as the SAO group avatar for a while. 1 winner will get their avatar set for 4 weeks. 2nd winner will get 2 weeks. And 3rd winner gets 1 week.

Contest ENDS on OCT. 10TH

Let the contest begin! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!!!! Do your best!!! We are all wishing you luck!!!
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