Character Creation

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Posted 9/18/12 , edited 9/20/12
Title: Who are you?
Age: Even if the other characters don't find out, you should know about the character your creating
Gender: There's only two.
Race: Are you human or something else. If it's a different species please describe it for us.
Class: What do you excel at or train regarding?
Element: Which elements do you excel at if any? Only two maximum please
Family: At least a paragraph.
Friends: At least a paragraph, even if you've left them or vice-versa
Animals: Do you have any pets or do animals like you at all, or how you treat/feel towards animals
Guild/Group/Alliance: If relevant
How do you relate to or treat other people, why?:
Do you have family/children or a significant other? 1 paragraph each please. At least describe your parents or where you came from. one paragraph at lease
Do you train? At what? What are you skilled at?
Describe one day of your llife (1 paragraph)
Describe one life-altering day of your life (1 paragraph)
Where do you live? Why?
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