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why?! why didn't you highlight your chemistry reference?! this is a good story! if you'd have ONLY highlighted your chem reference, we could have accepted it as an entry for the contest! (this is praise btw) ~Duster

The Wait Will Never End

The obituary couldn’t be true. He didn’t want it to be true, but he knew it was. It was the headline and the perfect picture that wasn’t framed on his wall, but in his heart. The headline read, ‘Charlene Ng, Wed and Dead’. The byline read ‘James Wang.’ Bosco Chow couldn’t believe his eyes. As he sat there on the black leather couch, tears spilled and dripped onto the photograph on the newspaper he gripped in his hands. With a heavy heart, he held the papers in his hands, leaned back on the leather couch and looked through the sliding glass doors that lined one of the walls in his big estate. It was located in a more quiet area of Hong Kong where he could have some peace and quiet time of his own. Staring out at the beautiful landscape of Hong Kong and the sea, Bosco’s mind drifted away.

Charlene was a young and beautiful girl. She wasn’t a star. She wasn’t famous and she was plain annoying. How they met, Bosco would never forget. He was out one day, on a walk down a street in a small city near his house. Just as he passed under a tall apartment building, water splashed onto him from above. Looking up, he saw the bottom of a blue bucket retreating to a window. Bosco’s brows knit together and he frowned. “Hey! Watch where you’re throwing that water,” he yelled up to the open window. He stood there in the middle of the street, wet and soaked. Bosco looked at his clothes, frantically trying to dry himself.

A girl’s voice sounded from above. She scoffed and rolled her eyes at Bosco. “Who told you to walk right under my window?” she asked him. She was rude and moreover, Bosco thought of her as masculine. They were bickering for over ten minutes. Finally, a neighbor complained and they let it drop. But it was fate that brought them together again. The next time Bosco saw the girl was at the marketplace. The result? She ended up throwing oranges at him.

Maybe that was just a coincidence. Everyone goes to the market. The next time Bosco saw the girl again, it was at a competition. During this encounter, he learned that her name was Charlene Ng. They were competing for one hundred thousand dollars and a one year contract with one of Hong Kong’s biggest record dealers. During the competition, Charlene and Bosco found out they were both great lovers of singing. It was what they wanted to do. Although they had many things in common, they never stopped fighting. Every chance they got, they would be biting each others’ head off.

Charlene Ng was a beautiful girl. Young and what more, she had a very nice voice. The judges loved her. She had raven hair that was cut in choppy layers and bangs that fell over one eye. With big brown eyes and a slim figure, she was quite attractive. Bosco was a tall boy with broad shoulders. He had nice looking features. He, too, had a great voice. They were both the same age at the time. Only twenty-three years of age and already out to chase after their dreams.

Unlike Bosco, Charlene came from a poor family and what did she want to do? She wanted to find money to help her family, then become a famous star. Towards the end of the competition, the judges found that they had a hard time choosing. They didn’t know who was better. Charlene or Bosco? They were both beautiful people and they were both amazing singers. There was no doubt that either one of them would make it big in the music industry. The competition resulted in both of them winning.

As a year went by, Bosco and Charlene became closer and they found out more about each other. They became good friends instead of the childish quarrelers they were at first. The one year contract had come to an end. Both Bosco and Charlene were offered a new contract, but for three years this time. While Charlene reluctantly signed the new contract, Bosco pondered the thought. In the end, he refused. He set out with his new financial account to become a director. Bosco can still remember how strongly Charlene had reacted when she found out he wanted to become a movie director instead.

It took a while, but she came around. Charlene stopped fussing over how important music was to him and supported him. Bosco opened his own company and hired a filming crew. To everyone’s surprise, Bosco became quite a famous director, making millions. He would even star in his own movies at times and as a side job, he’d act in other movies directed by other directors.

Simultaneously, Charlene wasn’t doing badly either. She was at the top of the charts. Her concert tickets were always sold out and she was famous. Charlene devoted her time to her music, family, friends, and her fans. She kept busy each day with practice, photo shoots, opts, and everything she had dreamed to be occupied by.

Another two years went by. Soon enough, Charlene and Bosco were developing feelings for one another. Love bloomed, but their love was only exposed surreptitiously. It would cause a commotion if the reporters and media found out. They’d treat it as if it were a scandal. Their fans would be the critic in their relationship. But the media finds out about everything. Sooner or later, they will discover everything you hide. Doing their job, they destroyed the secrecy in Charlene and Bosco’s relationship, exposing them as an item to the world. There were many unsatisfying, angry, and vehement outbreaks. Bosco’s fan girls were crying, and Charlene’s fan boys were stunned and depressed.

The pair was being torn apart by the fans who loved them so much, the fans that were chewing them up and ripping them to pieces. At the same time, opposing directors who, too, wanted to make it big caused trouble for Bosco. In this case, they were causing financial problems. Bosco had run out of money, filming one of his new films. He couldn’t pay off his debt and no one would screen his movie. He went all around, trying to find a way to deal with his problem. Not wanting to be a man who relies on a woman, Bosco hid this problem from Charlene. When she learned of it from someone else, she was infuriated.

Although livid, Charlene found a way to help him pay off everything. She was rich, thus money wasn’t a problem. She helped him anonymously. Bosco’s business problems were all over, but his relationship with Charlene was becoming brittle. It was the acknowledgement of his girlfriend paying off his debts that he called the whole relationship off. He couldn’t stand that SHE was the one who resolved his problem. He felt that it stripped him of his pride.

They broke up and all she ever wanted to do was to hide away at home. All he wanted to do was drink until he was so drunk he wouldn’t know a rock from a feather. It took family and friends to bring them back up. Charlene kept herself busy with concerts, singing and recording. Bosco continued to make it big with his movies. They refused to see each other and ignored each other whenever they saw each other. But Bosco had to admit that he missed her dearly. He would watch her from afar at times and she would do the same. They were both tenacious. Charlene’s mom would always say, “You’re so stubborn.” It was true. Everyone in the music and movie industry knew this tension between Charlene and Bosco.

Five years went by and finally, Bosco called Charlene and asked her to come out so that they could talk. Charlene agreed that they should be mature about what they have and just talk. This wise decision was what brought them back together. Nine years of waiting and longing to be together, they were finally together. They began to film a movie about the whole history of how their relationship began, of the pain they went through. They created a movie out of the up and downs in their lives entwined together. It took a year to film the movie.

As soon as the movie hit the theaters, tickets were rapidly sold out and the film made millions for the couple. Things were great. Charlene was still singing and she was still holding concerts. Then, like a big boulder falling out of the sky out of nowhere, Charlene’s hopes of becoming Bosco’s wife and love were crushed. Her health began to weaken. Charlene knew this. She knew it well. But with a busy life, she refused to stop and take time just to see the doctor.

One day, while on the set of a movie, Charlene passed out. She was immediately sent into her private hospital where she was treated by her family doctor. When she regained consciousness, Charlene was in a hurry to get out of the hospital. But not before her doctor had a talk with her. They suspected she might be diagnosed with some sort of disease and it could affect her in the long run. Charlene laughed at this. She laughed at all of it. But was destiny grinning when Charlene got her results a few weeks later?

“You have cervix cancer,” her doctor said, solemnly. Charlene laughed.

“You must be joking. Come on, stop fooling around,” she said, slightly patting the doctor’s arm. Her doctor sighed and shook her head.

“I can only wish that I am joking, but I am not. It popped up in your x-rays and results,” the doctor announced. She stood up and pointed to some x-ray films that were set against light. Charlene was speechless.

“This can’t be happening,” Charlene said. She scoffed and turned away, looking out the window and shaking her head. The doctor folded her hands together and set them on the desk.

“I need to you to be hospitalized as soon as possible,” the doctor recommended.

“Doctor Lau, I can’t. I have so much on my hands,” Charlene countered.

“You can die from this!”

Charlene asked for time to think everything over. In the mean time, the doctor was asked to keep quiet. Charlene continued on with her singing and acting, but she was getting weaker and weaker. The next time Charlene consulted her doctor was when she was already very weak. The doctor advised her to do surgery immediately, but Charlene refused.

“What would be left of me?” she challenged the doctor. “I still have to have a family! I still have to have kids and live to see them grow up!”

Doctor Lau finally agreed to let Charlene try other ways to cure cancer. It was a request Charlene made. Charlene kept this all away from her family, but her manager soon noticed the change in Charlene’s performance. Being old friends with Dr. Lau, the manager found out in no time what Charlene had. Her manager was infuriated. Charlene was ordered to stop everything and be hospitalized right away. After a big argument, Charlene begged her manager to let her finish things before she starts her treatment. Her manager gave in and agreed. She arranged everything. Charlene continued to go on with her career. She didn’t tell Bosco though.

Bosco had everything planned. Everything was perfect. He had invited everyone out to dinner and the dinner was at a five star restaurant. He had gotten the engagement ring. Everything was set. Charlene walked in and Bosco stood there across the table. She knew what she had to do. She stared at him as he opened the box and held it in the palm of his hand. There in the center was a beautiful diamond ring. It was shining in the light that came from the giant chandelier above their heads.

Charlene stared at it from where she stood. It was everything she had ever dreamed of and wanted. Her lips parted to speak, but no words would sound. Charlene couldn’t do it. She turned away and walked out of the room. Bosco frowned and he quickly went after her. Charlene quickened her steps and soon he was chasing her. Catching up to her, he grabbed her arm and asked her what was wrong. Charlene’s mind was racing. A million thoughts were running through her head all at the same time. It all took her breath away. Charlene looked up at Bosco, her eyes filled with sorrow.

“I’m sorry. I never loved you,” she said to him. “I never did. It was all for the fame.”

Charlene broke away from his grasp and walked away. She turned her back to him and his eyes held her. He felt like crying. He felt torn apart. They have waited nine years to be together and after all this, she tells him that she was with him for the fame and popularity of the media and fans. He could never forget those steps she took away from him. She let him stand there alone. Bosco couldn’t deal with reality and the sudden shock. He left Hong Kong to direct a movie in Beijing.

It was in those months that Bosco was away, Charlene suffered the most. She began to lose hair and all the things she tried to cure her cancer, didn’t work. She was constantly fainting and then regaining consciousness. But Charlene continued to sing. Finally, she hosted a week of singing. For one week, she would sing and sing and sing. It would be a seven day concert. She would sing from the early evening and late into the night. Charlene’s concert tickets were quickly sold out like always.

On the sixth day, Charlene confessed to the press that she had cancer. That was how Bosco was informed of Charlene’s illness. Charlene sat in front of the press with microphones, reporters, and cameras in front of her.

“There have been rumors that I have some kind of disease and that I’m ill. People have seen me going in and out of the hospital,” Charlene averred. “It’s true. I am ill. I have cancer. For a while, I have kept this a secret from my friends and family. But here, today, I see that all of those friends and family members of mine are here to support me.”

Charlene gestured behind her where her family and her friends stood.

“They have given me courage to fight this disease. At first, I was afraid they would worry and that they would be upset, but I was proven wrong. My mom,” Charlene held out her hand and her mom came up to hold it. “has stood by me and encouraged me to keep on fighting. Tomorrow is the last day of my seven day concert. Before I leave the stage and fight this battle, I want everyone to know that no matter what happens tomorrow, the concert won’t change. I’m going to be there to keep my promise to my fans.” Charlene smiled and stood up, leaving some of the reporters with tears.

On the seventh night, Charlene walked out onto stage, singing a fast beat song. It was so fast that the doctors were called up. Her health wasn’t suitable for a song that fast. Charlene had to be carried off the stage. She was pushed into a room where the doctors were already standing by. An oxygen tank was ready and the doctors were checking up on her.

“Call the ambulance! Charlene, I’m sorry. We have to stop the concert,” Dr. Lau said. Charlene sat up quickly, her shoulders heaving. It was getting harder for her to breathe. She shook her head. Her hair was plastered to her cheeks.

“No! You can’t! Please,” she begged. She pleaded to her doctor as her mother stood beside her. Her mother was crying. At last, it was decided that Charlene would be allowed to sing.

Everyone knew in their hearts that Charlene was waiting for Bosco. She was waiting for him to come. He had received the message the day before and was rushing back. Would he make it back in time? No one knew. Charlene walked back out on stage, dressed in a wedding gown.

“Everyone, a party always has to come to an end. Just like any other party, this party has come to an end,” Charlene spoke. She smiled at her fans who were cheering for her. She could see the tear drops on some of their eyes. “Don’t cry. We’ve promised not to cry. We need to go through this happily. I’ve been waiting for almost ten years to be married to the man of my dreams and because I can’t, I shall marry myself to this stage here. This stage that has been with me through thick and thin, just like all of you.”

Charlene stepped onto a platform and there, she began to sing her heart out to a song that she had written herself. She dedicated her song to Bosco. As she sang, Bosco finally made it to the concert. He ran up on stage, out of breath, but in time to sing the last lines with her. There were tears in Charlene’s eyes. It was an intimate moment. But soon after the song ended, Charlene’s knees buckled and her legs gave out. Bosco caught her before she fell to the floor of the stage. In that moment, she was gone. The microphone slipped out of her gloved hand and the last tear fell from her eyes. She died in her lover’s arms.
Bosco’s memories came back to the present. His eyes were watery with tears and his lashes wet. His cheeks were stained with tears. Drawing in his deep breath, he looked down at the picture again. Her death was the biggest thing that scarred him in life. Bosco had no interest in politics, sports, or the weather, because it was a storm inside of him and a war in his heart. He would never forget the date, the date of her death. The editorial was written in such a manner that it made Bosco’s heart ache. His dreams were lost and shattered. All the years of waiting, now would never end.
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nice story, it was touching...
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aww sweet..

you could of made them kiss first before she has to die lol
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