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I've been running a contest with huge prizes such as premium membership, points, interviews, free commissions and more! The problem? Despite the amount of time and money I'm put in by organising and advertising this contest, very few people seem to be interested in it.
It's got a wonderful theme and it's heartbreaking to see that no one gives a shit. How about you prove me wrong? The literature contest is being held on deviantArt and the link is here:

Please be sure to read the rules of the contest. Only people 13+ can join deviantArt so please respect that rule. I need as much advertising of this contest as possible as it's ending at the end of September. If I don't get any more entries in then I'll either:
a) Give 1 month extension.
b) Have to end this contest completely with no winners.

If you're not entering then why don't you help advertise this contest, instead? If you know of any people on dA that like writing or want to win a premium membership, then tell them about my contest. If not, why don't you link the contest in your signature or feature it in your journal.

There is no minimum word count so you could write a six word story or a haiku. How about some lyrics?
This is my worst nightmare come to life. I'm spending my money to give people premium memberships and points and I want to know that I'm giving it to a person who deserves it.

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Posted 9/20/12 , edited 9/20/12
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