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Posted 9/24/12 , edited 9/24/12
Imm try to up date this to my best ability to the most recent anime's i have finished and or watching and my ratings

1. Sword Art Online

i have watched up to date on it i really enjoy the whole aspect or the series
its a great story line although .hack did do sorta the same thing,has a bit of everything the relationship between Kirito and Asuna is really good and you can tell the care deeply about each other 9/10
2 The ambition of Nobuna Oda

This one really had me going it is a really good one it threw alot of plot twists some i expected but a few surprising ones stunned me
i absolutely loved the relationship between id have to say one of my favorite anime couples i easaly give this one a 9.9./10 i was really sad when it ended i wish that it was longer
3 .Hack// Quantum

If they continue this into a new .Hack Series it will be my favorite its just an OVA but it keeps the general .Hack theme and dosent scew off subjuect and the bond between the 3 main characters its unbreakable i will only give it a low rating because its an OVA 7.5/10
4. Kuroko's BasketBall

I cant wait for season 2 this was really good it reminds me of an all time favorite Eyesheild 21 its funny and keeps me on edge i was always exited and was waiting for new episodes 9/10
5. Ga-Rei Zero

This one was a really serious and dark one it had its funny moments but it was Daaaaarrrrk it but this one i watched this one last winter and boy i wasnt overly amazed by the ending it was rather sad 8/10
6.Spice and Wolf

Im always a sucker for a good romance anime most are usually underwhelming im anticipating Season 3 soon
Holo the wise wolf is a beauty its serious some of the time but the exchanges that Holo and Lawrence have usually are funny 9/10
7 Clannad (and after story)

this anime actually made me tear up and go to bed it was was a emotional tugger of an anime but over all it was pretty good 8/10
8 Angel Beats

this was alright it had great music an personally one of the best anime op themes ive ever heard the storyline is good and the overall moral of it is great the end of it kinda got depressing though 8.5/10
9 Kenichi the mightiest disciple

This was a funny fighting one but if i had the money and the chance he did id do the training it actually teach you like 3 moves its a great anime it didnt come to a close so there might be another season i hope so 9/10
10 Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This crude one was freaking hilarious i laughed abunch during the anime the ending i honestly didnt see coming at all 9.8/10
I do apologize if my little reviews sucked but its because i didnt wanna spoil anything
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