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What Do you think "K' will be about??
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M / Nestled between e...
Posted 9/27/12 , edited 9/27/12
That annoying one character response I get after a 160 character text message. :\
(My stupid phone carrier doesn't have that "continued text input" or whatever that
Sprint/AT&T/Version does, so yeah...constrained. :X)

I certainly hope it's not that... I'm excited, but I like most things, so I probably won't be let down.
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M / Nestled between e...
Posted 9/27/12 , edited 9/28/12

TheAncientOne wrote:

I don't mean to sound superior, but High School German
(about three years ago now) taught me that "eine" would always be "eine" in a title.
[I love having personal knowledge of language, because Google Translate is usually unreliable for the best result. ^^]

So literally it could be: "A Continuing History" from "Eine weitere Geschichte."
Weiter is like "onward/further/forward/[other synonyms]."
German can have its own art of translation just like Japanese from time to time, especially with titles.
(Words can change places, just like with the translation of Japanese titles as well. ).
The full title would be like so: K -a continuing history- (If we're taking the lowercase roman character approach)
And: K -A Continuing History- (If we're taking the Western title approach).

Actually, now that I think about it...
appending the (possibly implied) word "durch" meaning "through" might make sense too...
K -[durch] eine weitere Geschichte- = K -Through a Continuing History- (Just speculation, of course).
(The grammar and order would change though, because of accusative form).
Correct formation: K -Weiter [durch] die Geschichte- (Forward/Onward [through] History)

I did think of another similarity between German and Japanese,
even though German has definite articles, they are generally dropped in the meaning, i.e. there is no "a" present.
Example: Das Auto = Car (or A Car, if you're going to be strict to the English definite article rules).
So then...from the above + "durch" it would be: K -weiter durch die Geschichte-

Given that thinking it could also be:
K -eine weitere Geschichte- = K -History Onward[s]-/K -History Forward-/K -Further History-

I am leaning toward the dropping of the "A" especially, because there are rules for when things translate with it.
The nuance conveyed without the "A" also sounds smoother, don't you think? More creative.
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25 / M / With Lucina
Posted 9/27/12 , edited 9/28/12
it will be about Neko fanservice
and Seri Awashima
why? because Miyuki Sawashiro is voicing Seri
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39 / M / UK
Posted 9/28/12 , edited 9/28/12


At least viewers in the UK get a break. Anime On Demand has announced that they will be streaming the series, and they have also announced their six simulcasts this season will be free, with only a pre-roll (no ads during the show).

I did wonder what Anime on Demand were up to. Subscriptions were mysteriously cancelled this week (not that they'd added anything recently but I liked supporting them), I thought they were going out of business, but it looks like they're going to a free model to generate some custom.

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22 / F
Posted 10/7/12 , edited 10/7/12
it will be about kuroh and shiro bromance and a bit of neko's boobs fanservice.
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