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The next Gundam series

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Posted 11/27/12 , edited 11/27/12

KingKamina wrote:

Laharlt wrote:

andydono wrote:

I have yet to watch AGE beyond episode one, but I'm planning to watch it now since the series is over. Although the extremely negative reviews from people that finished AGE (many of whom says its worse than Destiny/00s2) I've been hearing/reading are slightly putting me off from watching it.


but still it better finally do something YET to do a FEMALE LEAD for tv gundam series besides it will new chapter seen in a female's story.

It would be somewhat refreshing, but I doubt it'll create much impact.

Besides the way how "bishie" the male population in recent Gundam series looks, you might as well imagine them having pair of jugs attached to their chest.

AGE really is terrible and the worst Gundam series so I wouldn't recommend watching it. It just gets worse as it goes on and it also has the worst Gundam protagonist that you just want to smack. I think a female lead could be pretty interesting for the series though if they handle it right. Turn A's main character was originally supposed to be female but got changed.

Are you kidding!? Victory Gundam was the worst Gundam out of all Gundam series! The characters were so plain! Nothing freaking special! None of the characters are cool!! Even their Char clone sucked! He was just a boring ass character with Schwarz Bruder's (from G Gundam) mask!
I in fact liked Gundam AGE. I did not like the 1st and 3rd main character. The 2nd one was cool. I once said the same thing you did after the first 4 episodes, but then it started grabbing my attention. Especially in the 3rd season. I liked their Char clone. Zeheart was a good Char clone.

I actually quite liked Victory Gundam. It certainly handled the child pilot aspect much better than AGE. I'm not sure why the third generation of AGE grabbed your attention as thats considered by most to be the worst part of the series. Chronicle may have been a tool but there were at least other interesting villains in the series to make up for him while Zeheart ends up becoming a tool but there are no other interesting villains to make up for him.
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Posted 12/1/12 , edited 12/1/12

No. The worst was Victory Gundam. Trust me. If you really want to say AGE is the worst, then I would consider AGE to be the 2nd worst Gundam series. If you watched Victory Gundam. You would understand how boring it was.

I watched Victory when I was a child...
.... I remembered it to be pretty interesting...
I like the bloody and dark theme that goes into that series...
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Posted 1/12/13 , edited 1/12/13
I say they somehow combine two or three of a Gundam series and make something out of that. I don't know where it would lead to or how they would do it but it would be pretty cool to see something like that

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Posted 1/13/13 , edited 1/14/13
everyone here who is saying "Gundam AGE is the worst entrant into the Gundam franchise", have you seriously forgotten about G-Gundam, Gundam Wing, and SEED:Destiny?

Age has bland, under-developed main characters, and a mostly entirely forgettable supporting cast (except Woolf Enneacle, who of-freaking-course dies). Flit Asuno who SHOULD have been the most well-developed of all of the generations the show tries to cover because he was there for all of the generations is arguably the most poorly developed one because he changes into an almost completely different person from generation to generation.
G-1 (flit child) idealistic anti-war 'peace, love, granola' MS pilot;
G-2 (Asemu child, Flit adult) asemu = failure in father's (flit) eyes. some unseen something changed him into uptight military man who uses his children to further his revenge goal (that shows up out of virtually nowhere)
G-3 (Kio child, Asemu adult MIA, Flit kindly sage-like grandpa) flit again transforms his personality, this time into the semi-earthy mentor-figure with a can-do attitude and no hint of his former darkness. his son, asemu, on the other hand, somehow lost an eye and now leads a group of one-eye (pirate style, not UE/Vegan style) mobile suits with gimmicky weapons and looks.
I stopped watching at like 35 or whatever point it was that kio started doing the "im gonna fight my own way, which means not killing anyone" thing that every lame wuss hero-type goes through, while on the way to the moon i think it was.

G-Gundam is Gundam meets street-fighter and stinks of everything terrible about the 80's, and is everything that Gundam was not when it was conceived. crap story, crap characters, crap art, crap mecha gimmicky mech designs. watched first 10 episodes and -figuratively- wanted to hit myself with a hammer to make the stupid i just watched leave my brain

SEED:Destiny? where do I begin... almost interesting mecha design. the series was entirely fanservice centering around Asuran (athrun?) who was more loved than Kira because he was interesting and had a real history and actually, you know, fought for his skill instead of just having emotional breakdowns and somehow coming out of it with psychotic-level bursts of rage and efficacy... terrible characters, terrible plot, terribly butchering of existing characters to make them fit some fan-girl drama thing that does not belong in the franchise (this is from somebody who really liked SEED, btw)

Gundam wing is literally, LITERALLY a super-softcore yaoi fanservice where they dont even bother to name half of the main cast. I mean come on, Heero is the main guy? they couldnt even spell it the, you know, normal japanese way for fear people might mistake him for something other than a protagonist? followed by Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Zechs, Septem, Otto and Acht, Noin, Dekem, Treize, Quinze, Sedici, Venti, Noventa the list goes on. do a google search if you dont believe me. lazy bullshit. pure and simple, and the stupid fangirls love it.
The mecha design is boring and (even for having multiple Gundam type suits) too similar, and gundams are WAY too powerful, even for a gundam franchise, they literally never take damage unless the plot specifically calls for the "gasp!" alarm to go off... All of the characters are emotionally stunted, especially Heero who literally threatens (at multiple points) to kill releena, who for some reason still wants to ride his meat log (too bad for her)
TERRIBLE series.

Age IS not very good, but it is WAY better than the others i mentioned.

In order of best to worst I rate the franchise thus:

Gundam X
Gundam Unicorn
Gundam 00 (first season)
Zeta Gundam
Gundam 008th MS Team
Gundam SEED (first season)
V Gundam (Victory, not Turn A)
Gundam AGE
Gundam 0079 (original series)
Turn A Gundam
Gundam SEED:Destiny
Gundam Wing
G-Gundam: Mobile Fighter

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Posted 1/13/13 , edited 1/14/13
Hmm, pretty sure Gundam Origin(s) is a manga, does that still count?

Or are we suggesting a new anime?


A female lead could be interesting... however, Gundam never handled female cast very well...
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Posted 1/13/13 , edited 6/3/15
They need to make something like Gundam 00 again, that show was just freaking awesome!
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Posted 1/14/13 , edited 1/14/13
I wouldn't say AGE is the worst, but it's pretty far down there. Flit and Kio were insufferable, flit for just being a terrible character and Kio for his peace preaching. People give Kira a lot of crap for the same reason, but I think watching Kio was much more painful than Kira. Asemu was the only decent arc of Age, and Fram Nara was the only cool character among all of them. She took on 3 gundams by herself for gods sake. But other than those two point Age was hard to stomach.

The worst, IMO, is ZZ. I loved Zeta, but ZZ just made me want to quit gundam. I will admit I watched it when I was around 12 years old, so maybe cause of the lack of action I found it extremely boring. But I don't remember liking any characters, and the only MS I liked were the Quebeleys. So, I'd say go watch some other gundam, you can skip AGE. I've seen every single animated series, so I can give a list of best to worst as well.

1. Seed - First season. Take this with a grain of salt. I'm completely biased towards it. I would only say its average, but childhood memories and what not.
2. Gundam X
3. Gundam 00
4. Zeta Gundam
5. Turn A Gundam
6. Wing
7. 08th MS Team
8. 0083
9. F91
10. 0079
11. CCA
12. Victory
13. 0080
14. Destiny
15. Age
16. G Gundam
17. ZZ Gundam

This is all IMO, so yea, take it with a grain of salt. I'd personally like to see the Seed movie, or something new with a female main character.
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Posted 1/14/13 , edited 1/14/13
How things are going they will probably make a gundam video game like sao... hopefully not >.<
Posted 1/15/13 , edited 1/15/13

ckmox wrote:


but still it better finally do something YET to do a FEMALE LEAD for tv gundam series besides it will new chapter seen in a female's story.

a female Lead on a Gundam show? Gundams are mostly for the male audience though

"a female Lead on a Gundam show? Gundams are mostly for the male audience though."
Your statement was narrow-minded and closed at best, I'm sorry to say.

It's bound to be sometime when Sunrise finally decides to base a series around a female protagonist, and I'm hoping it's this one. Gundam AGE decided to do something new, but let's hope they learned from their mistakes from AGE and put it to good use.
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Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/20/13
i remember back in the day this use to be the best stuff
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Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/21/13
Personally I enjoyed Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. That being said Gundam 00 has been the most interesting Gundam in my opinion I would love to see what happens in that particular Gundam Universe.
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Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/21/13
Regarding worse I say its a tie between Seed Destiny and AGE. Just blatant retelling of the early UC without throwing something original. I know it doesn't bring in sales, but I want something fresh like what G and Turn A did. I do want to see a female protagonist, sort of what 0080 did, but one that isn't just moe bait or stereotypical shoujo character. It can work since, *GASP*, there is also a large female base, look at SEED, 00, and Wing, and not all of them are just there for yaoi bait. Who says women can actually like giant robots themselves as much as there male brethren? On new series, I would like to see more insight into Late UC since the early part of the era has been overdone, maybe a Crossbone anime, finally? Unicorn is great and I hope the same animators will be the ones for Origin but after that please no more classic UC, even it its the cash cow. Heck throw in the Cosmic Era/SEED movie ending they were originally planning.
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Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/21/13

lanc3rz3r0 wrote:

DUDE! SERIOUSLY!? There are people here who hasn't seen the series. Just because you don't like it, don't f'n spoil major plot points in the show. Use the spoiler tags, they are there for a reason (see example above).

As for your argument for G-Gundam, I have to defend it because I actually enjoyed it, but not because it was a good series. G-Gundam was made as a experiment to see how would the show do as a "Super-Robot" type show (such as Mazinger, GaoGaiGar, Gurren Lagaan) instead of the usual "Real-Robot" (Rest of the Gundam, Macross, Votoms and such) themed Gundam. As a Gundam series, yes it can be considered as a failure, but that's not what the show was about. As a Super-robot show it was pretty much right on the mark
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Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/28/13
I actually enjoyed AGE. I liked the whole generational aspect of the series. Yes, I do see the character flaws. However, people need to realize that there so much you can do if you are planning a series with time lapses. Not to say they could have done a better job.

What I really do not like about the series is how they view women. Most of the women are in a domestic role and are timid. Women are regarded as second class citizens. One example is in generation three, with the way Natora was treated and developed. She was pretty much Flit's little B**** and all of the male characters were teaching her on how to be a Captain, but stay in line with the typical female roles that women play in anime.

In my opinion, my least favorite is SEED. I just could not focus on it.
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Posted 4/10/13 , edited 4/10/13
I agree although crossbone would need a buffer like series to explain what happened between it and whatever happens with unicorn. but i would love to see a series abotu it!
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