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Posted 9/30/12 , edited 10/1/12
✘Group Rules
- Activeness. Anything up? Say it in guestbook or send the creator an Inbox (iSugarStars)
- No cussing out of Role Play, if so '*'.
- Do NOT bring personal in this group. If you want to tell something to your friend during RP, go ahead, I'm not much of a RP stalker.
- No fights please.
- No Hentai. No Yuri. No Yaoi. In guestbook.
- No spamming in guestbook.
- Finding a role play partner? Inbox ONLY. I'm tired of seeing 'need rp partner' all over guestbooks.
- If you see anything wrong with any of these rules (in RP or not) contact a Moderator.
- MAX 5 characters per person.
- ANy question about the group, ask in Guestbook or Inbox (iSugarStars)

✘ Role Play Rules
- NO Powerplay/Godmodding.
- No Hentai, Yuri or Yaoi. Romance, Boy Love, Girl Love and Incest is allowed.
- Limit on the cussing.
- OOC chat is allowed but dont start b**chin' on someone while in OOC.
- Roleplay in either one of these ways;;

Icon RP:
: I despise Zetches. You should already know that...
He said as he sighed heavily.

'He rushed out of the bushes as he yelled out.
"Surprise!!" He laughed.'

OR any way that has description.

- DO NOT Roleplay like this;;
'[name]: Hi~ *waves* how are you doing? *walks up to [other name]*'
why?: its only dialogue with stars to indicate action. Pretty boring if you ask me.

- Roleplay area's will be indicated with '✖'.

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