Post Reply The Characters That Makes Storybrooke Alive
Posted 9/30/12 , edited 10/1/12
In A Place Where Happy Endings Do Not Exist Are Filled With People Of Another World

Snow White/ Mary Margaret Blanchard
She is the daughter of King Leopold and the stepdaughter of Regina who shared a secret but has been broken. She is now being punished for her sins but finds true love with Prince Charming.

The Evil Queen/ Regina Mills
She is the stepmother of Snow White who saved her when she was young. She shares a secret to Snow but was broken thru deception. Now she turns to the dark side and released a curse sending everyone to earth with no memories.

Emma Swan
She is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming who was sent to earth as a baby before the curse gets to her. She is THE ONLY HOPE to save all magical fairytale people of Storybrooke.

Pinocchio/ August Wayne Booth
He is a puppet carved by Geppeto to be his son. He saves Geppetto but later gets killed. He was reborn as a real boy whom was also transported with baby emma to guide and protect but instead leaves her and becomes an independent grown man.

Prince Charming/ David Nolan
He is a poor shepherd whose twin brother Prince James was killed in battle and took his place as Charming to King George whom wants to marry him to King Midas daughter, Abigail but finds true love with Snow White.

She is the daughter of Sir Maurice who rules a town that will soon be destroyed by Ogres. She sacrifices herself for her family and townspeople to live with Rumplestiltskin. She sees the inner beauty of a person. She began to fall in love with Rumplestiltskin who cares for her deeply.

Rumplestiltskin/ Mister Gold
Originally a poor spinner who later becomes The Dark One after killing the previous Dark One with his own dagger. He has son named Baelfire but eventually disappears. He falls in love with Belle who keeps him sane. Without these people, He is a very powerful and uncontrollable evil who loves to make deals.

Sheriff Graham / Huntsman
A nameless hunter who was raised by wolves and was groomed to be The Queen's perfect assassin. He was sent to kill Snow White but fails due to her pure heart.

Red Riding Hood/Ruby
She is really good friends with Snow White who is in love with her childhood friend but only to discover that she is cursed by turning herself into a wolf during a full moon and wears a red cloak that prevents her from transformation.

Henry Mills
He is the son of Emma Swan. His father's true identity is yet to be revealed. He is the guardian of the Once Upon a Time Book who was adopted by Regina on planet earth who discovers the truth about magic.

Blue Fairy / Mother Superior
A high ranking fairy god mother who uses her magic to help others. Although she is quite powerful, she is unable to undo Rumplestiltskin's magic. She is the one who tells Snow White and Prince Charming about the magical wardrobe that will save baby emma.

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