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Posted 9/30/12 , edited 10/1/12
Hello all. This forum will be used for Gintama style role play. When posting, please follow all group rules. Canon characters are allowed. Since this is Gintama, almost any type of character will be allowed considering the variety of characters in Gintama. I will even allow characters from different anime. First post to follow soon. EDIT: No need to post in turn order. Just don't post twice in a row.

Lina and Gourry were eating their dinner at a table when Lina noticed something strange. Lina looked up and looked around....they were in the middle of a street! People were walking by and staring at them, looking at their strange clothes and wondering why they were eating in the middle of the street. "GAH! W-w-w-what the hell? Where are we? We were just eating in the tavern a few minutes ago!" Gourry piped up. "Oh Lina! I noticed a portal opening up underneath our table. I just thought it was just one of your spells to conceal us so I didn't say anything." Lina got up, went behind Gourry and smacked him over the head. "You damn Jellyfish for brains! Why didn't you say anything?!" Just then Lina got smacked in the head with something. "Ouch! What the hell was that?" She looks down and sees an empty bottle of strawberry milk on the ground. "Oi! Can you be more quiet? I'm trying to sleep!" Lina turns around and looks up and sees a sign that says Odd Jobs Gin. She thinks to herslf 'Great...where did we end up?'
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I gotta pull out. I think two role plays are my limit. :'( Sorry!
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Break: I have a feeling this world is going to be fun break moves away from the ramen shop and sees a couple girls in the middle of the street he ignores.them but passes right by he soon finds out the best places to be lazy (this character is exactly the same as oz just lazy and didn't like to be the first to speak to someone
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