۞ Town [ RP Location ]
Posted 10/2/12 , edited 10/3/12
"This wonderful town is filled with markets of different sorts of stuff ranging from food, clothes, toys, weapons and many more. The people living here are all just like you tamers but they only have a small amount of power in them."

"Please write your actions/words properly, like you're telling a story. And when replying, please put it in spoiler to keep the forums clean."

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Posted 10/3/12 , edited 10/3/12
Shiina walks around with her hood up and a cloak covering her entirely. She didn't receive a mission today so she just strolled around to see something fun. At first when she got near the town there were many people and many crowds, she didn't want to cause trouble or attract attention to herself so she walked down one of the side alleyways hoping no one would see her. She rested near a side building in the dark alleyway leaning over the wall, she look up to the bright sky while clouds flowing by. She gently hummed a soft tune befitting the atmosphere while looking at the high castle appearing above everything else.
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