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Do Girls Poop?
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Posted 10/3/12 , edited 10/3/12
Why did he use pixie as an insult? I love pixies in all their shapes and sizes.

I guess the, topic should be in general... but that isn't the point of this thread. Pooping women is what we are talking about! It is the only thing in the world that matters to me! DO NOT BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! BELIEVE IN ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU!
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Posted 10/3/12 , edited 10/3/12

casualplayer wrote:
The fact that you're making exaggerated combative posts proves you have no life. It's a joke that you're taking too seriously. It's a fan fiction if I want it to be maybe I should have illustrations and a story (WOW dude) so you don't freak out. Fly away to another post, you pixie.

It baffles me that you make an issue out of something as petty as where I chose to post a poll. You ARE an idiot, bc you exude yourself as some authority on the matter.

I just tripple posted :3 and you double posted, Power trip much?

I'm not confused about the rules but, to be honest I think you are confused about a lot of things, I think you dropped out of high school and gave up on your GED. Really, to try and argue about where I chose to post something, is beyond idiotic it doesn't even answer the posed question. You are distracted by something really petty and small. I'm sure you hear "petty and small" a lot, bc you really have nothing better to do than to attempt to monitor another persons post like some "correctness" nazi. I bet you like to correct ppl's sentences too, and their grammer and such. just chill out spaz.

You just want the last word, I can read plenty of threads where ppl have multiple posts, you are selectively attacking me bc, you are pathetic. thats the only reason I could think of bc, you have to be pathetic to try and argue petty things, the way you do.

Fictional speculation, and you are just an argumentative twat :3 good day sir.

There is no reason for you to be so abusive in your posts.

It is not fan fiction if you want it to be. Fan fiction has nothing to do with your poll about whether or not girls poo, that's reality and the rules.

Why would it baffle you? All polls go in the poll section, it isn't that complicated.

I am an authority on this matter because I am a moderator.

You've misunderstood the concept of what double-posting is. Double-posting is when you have made TWO (or more) posts in a row. We are not talking about how many posts you've made in a thread, but how many you've made a in row without anyone replying in between.

So, no I didn't double post and therefore there was no power trip.

I'm not attacking, nor have I attacked you. I was questioning your reasoning behind your actions, which proved to be flawed.

Now, I'm going to lock this poll because it is pointless.

The Rules

● Create topics SENSIBLY

I'm also giving you a warning for flaming,

If you are wondering why, here's a quote from the rules:

● Flamebaiting, Flaming and Trolling are disallowed.

I'll just quote the section about double posting too:

● Do not Double-Post

Have a nice day.

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