Crappy Co Op Partners
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This topic is 2 fold.

First A RANT:

So I'm playing Borderlands 2 right now and my co op partner I can count on is also a good friend I know in person. The downside is... he develops his character just, DUMB in my mind which is completely non-supportive of his playing style. My support for this claim: He gets incap'd all the freaking time then yells at me to rez him from half way across the board. Why that far away? Because he runs straight into the lion's den guns blazing without either health regen, a good shield or reasonable use of: tactics, grenades or his sentry turret. Additionally, I think the worst part is he's THAT guy that either gets lost because he doesn't use the on screen compass or radar or even takes the time to map out landmarks in GAME for mental notes. What's more? he sucks balls at returning the resurrection favor and generally makes the game all around less fun because he needs a babysitter not a partner.

*le sigh*

Second Part:

My personal experience was just a context for crappy co op partners in gaming in general. I KNOW we've all had them, so particular game titles aside; what are your experiences with these people and WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU'RE FRIENDS WITH THEM? I don't have it in me to just tell him I don't want to play BL2 with him anymore or any other co op game for that matter. He's a nice guy but he rages when things don't go his way. And in just about any game that requires you to have a pulse and SOME instinct for self preservation, things very regularly DO NOT go his way. To our mods, I did a cursory search for Crappy Co Op Partners and did not see a thread but lock if duplicate, I suppose.
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I just avoid playing with them. If it looks to be a continual problem, I defriend them if I don't know them that well. If I do know them well enough to talk about such, I'll just have some chatter with them regarding it and see where that goes.
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Kick from game I would rather solo than have a liability.
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