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[[So, I don't know if it's okay to post this and what ; v ; ahaha.. I'm sarry if not... //sob// I started this for nano last year but didn't get far at all, first time outside a class writing anything and what-not. Might try again with a different story this november... but like, just thought I would share this see how it goes. Would be good to finish anyhoodle]]

Prologue - The Promise

“Hey… you can do this favor for me can’t you?”
“I-I don’t know…Won‘t we get in trouble?”
“Only if we get caught, but that won’t happen”
“Oh! Come on! Don’t be such a scaredy puss. I know you can do it!”
“Well if-if you say so then I guess I can try.”
“Yes! I knew I could count on you! Now… to help you I’ll need to tell you my deepest darkest secret. I can trust you to keep it of course?”
“A secret? Of course I’ll keep it. Since you asked I’ll never speak a work to anyone… otherwise they would find out”
“Good! Come on we’ll pinkie swear on it. Then you can never speak to anyone. Ever”
“Alright then… it’s a pinky swear”
“Or I’ll make you drink 1000 needles and cut off your fingers!”
“That… That doesn’t sound very nice at all 'ya know”
“It’s not meant to sound nice. So you have to swear!”
“Alright, fine … I swear”

Chapter One - The Massacre

A sudden cry broke through the night‘s stillness, startling Amaranthe from her bed. Normally she would have passed it off as her imagination, or the lingering effect of a bad dream and just returned to her bed to sleep until morning. That was until she noticed the faint red glow and smoke passing from under the large wooden doors at the end of the room.

Jumping from her bed and fumbling for a light she soon noticed it was hopeless; the power was cut… well that was to be expected in this situation. But even so she was not having much luck with only the faint moonlight from the small gap in curtains by the windows and the increasing glow from outside as she hurried to get ready. Still half asleep and throwing on a largely oversized jacket, tying it with a large cord in the middle to ensure it didn’t fall off, and then searching under the bed for a pair of shoes. Pushing her hair out of her face as it dropped down to the floor she let her hand slide past the masses of heels and sandals that were in the way until, eventually she found the box she was looking for and pulled it out. Sliding it across the floor in front of her she pulled out the boots that were inside, quickly shoving her feet inside and zipping them all the way to the top that reached just below her knees. Then came the knock on the door, it was faint hardly heard over the screams that were gradually getting louder and louder as the fire seemed to spread.
“Milady! You must wake! Milady! The voice at the other side of the door was panicked, out of breath obviously from running trying to flee whatever catastrophe was occurring, but still so familiar and suddenly a surge of reassurance rush through her at it‘s sound.
But it didn’t stop her from wondering why no one was entering the room; it only took a few moments before she looked to the door and remembered the lock. It wasn’t often she used it but tonight was one of those nights, she felt unsafe and didn’t’t want to be disturbed as she slept. Though it seems her feeling was right.

“Nathan! It’s alright calm down I’m awake already! Give me a moment I’m coming out… But I demand to know what’s happening! An--” Suddenly her questions was cut off by shouting, some sort of argument from down the hall… but who would be arguing in a situation like this! Then came the scream… just outside the door, followed shortly by laughing and a thud as something was thrown to the ground. Shaking now, her eyes glanced down, seeing that something was now blocking the light part way but something else started slowly sliding into the room along the floor.
Muffled voices could now be heard, and the door shook, as whoever was outside tried to enter. Now she became increasingly thankful for the lock, although it kept her here it also kept whoever was out away. The smoke was getting heavier in the air and it took all of her efforts not to cough and give away her presence. Not until the shadows at the door left. Then they did, but there was no relief. She knew they were there and now the door was most definitely not an option of escape.
Then… it’s only the windows.

Turning her head she stared at them, on the far off wall covered by large velvet curtains trailing from roof to floor. It really was the only option, and she knew this as she treaded carefully across the floor and pulled back the fabric standing horrified as she looked out at the once so peaceful view of the city and stared at the sight, it looked nothing like it did just hours before. Streets were lined with debris of falling buildings, with black charred figures of people she knew, people who she had seen and watched over for years. A lump rose to her throat, she wanted to scream out. To rip down the curtains and let the attackers know so that they would burst down the door and kill her like they did the friend who tried to warn her. But no matter what she couldn’t do it, her hands shook furiously as she stared out the window and finally came to a decision.

Pulling the curtains she quietly walked with them to the side of the room, letting all the light from outside in and staring fully at the destruction outside before walking once again to the bed. Carefully she pulled out a long bag and threw it over her shoulder, something she would definitely need if these people were dangerous. Then on her way back to the window she picked up a chair, holding it with both hands as she lifted it from the ground and swung, with all her strength at the full length windows.
The sound of the shatter would have been heard throughout the building but that wasn’t of any of her concern, what mattered was making it outside and as far away as possible. And so she jumped.

The fall wasn’t as far as she had expected, but the landing was much also more painful than hoped. Thankfully the trees outside the window managed to break her fall, and also obscured the view of those who were now, most likely breaking into her room and searching. Though it didn’t seem like she thought this plan through properly. The sight of the window broken would of course give away her position, she had to move. Standing was a pain, her back ached after the fall and her legs were wobbling. But that didn’t stop her walking as fast as she could towards the city. There was a much higher chance of escape that way; they had been through there already if anything there would only be a few left straggling behind nothing she couldn’t deal with.

After walking a short while it became more bearable and she picked up the pace, the girl kept her head held high even if she tried she couldn’t look at the bodies that lined the streets the half crumbled buildings at her sides. She felt sick from the smell of burning flesh.
The bag she had picked up from her room was now being used as a walking stick; it hit the ground with a small ring each time a sound that would likely give her away if there was anyone nearby. The only other sounds were the crackling of ashes, the occasional crash as another shelf filled with pictures and memories crashed onto the ground, burned to nothing more than ashes just like everything else.
Everything in her shaking body was telling her to keep going, to hurry up and run look nowhere but in front and run. But she can’t do it, instead she walked at a steady pace, her boots scuffling along the ground and jacket, now steadily sliding off, trailing behind her. Nothing could stop her looking, side to side as she walked to all the familiar buildings that she passed every day and wondering where the owners were now. Did anyone manage to escape? Who’s still alive? Where did they go? All these thoughts ran through her head, plaguing her mind as she thought of every possible outcome, each getting worse as they stewed in her mind.

The thoughts, the silence, the smell it was just too much now and no matter how she tried to push it back but she couldn’t stop her eyes filling up with water. The tears streamed down her face, silently at first but then she started sobbing loudly, unable to control the loud echoing sobs anymore as she covered her face with the sleeves of her jacket.
There was one thing that stopped it, something she most definitely did not expect as she felt something hit her back forcing her to stagger forward and then fall to the ground, pain was all she felt, excruciating pain and then a hot liquid started to pour down her back and along her side, flowing down towards the ground and landing at a pool by her feet. Everything seemed to happen so quickly it left her with no time to even comprehend what was happening as slowly the world around her descended into darkness dark and her consciousness faded, lying on the ground with an arrow embedded deep into her back.
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LOL, why would it not be okay to post a story in a story writing group?

Looks interesting though! owo I can already sense somehow the promise goes... wrong. way wrong. xc
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:'D Because I'm a silly derp?
Ahaha silly derp indeed o v o /le updates not sure to change to first person or not hnngg e v e //rolls around//
Oh-hohohoho and whatever makes you think that > v > < v < Nothing shall go wrong nope, nothing at alllll~
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moreeeeeeee <3
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