Our Home's Fox Deity Premium DVD boxed sets: Does anyone here have them?
Posted 10/3/12 , edited 10/4/12
Hello. My thread is about whether or not anyone here has the premium edition box sets of Our Home's Fox Deity; both boxed set 1 and boxed set 2. What I'd like is for someone who owns them to do a favor for me. I am a fan of the series and I watched it via fansubs, and recently I decided to buy the series on DVD. I bought the standard edition DVD packages of the series. I've found some pics online of the premium edition boxed sets. I can't find good pics of most of the thin pack DVD case covers, though (the plastic cases that actually house the DVD themselves; I'm not talking about the covers of the boxes which hold all the materials).

I was wondering if someone who owns these premium edition boxed sets could take a digital camera and take good quality pics of all the covers of all the DVD cases (for their artwork). If you'd like to take pics of other things from the boxed sets packaging materials that show artwork, that'd be great, but I'm not requesting that. I'll leave that up to whoever decides to do this favor (if anyone even does).

I think if someone here who has these premium edition boxed sets take good, big pictures of the DVD case covers, and if they wanna, the art of the rest of the packaging materials, it could be a favor for not just me, but other fans of the series as well. The pics they take could be viewed by many fans of the series, and so much of the artwork from these packaging materials is artwork of characters from the series that I haven't seen out there on the internet. It'd be good for many fans of the series that like official art from this series.

The thing is, I kind of wanted to get the premium edition DVD boxed sets for this series for the artwork, but the overall cost of them vs. getting the standard editions is about $45 more.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone here could help out.

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