Tekken Tag Tournament 2/General Tekken thread.
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Posted 10/4/12 , edited 10/4/12
I'm kinda awful at making topic starters, but yeah, Tag 2's out, it's fantastic imo, and I'm curious to see who else plays it/the series/etc.

So let's discussing!

Bonus points if you're an Asuka/Leo/Kunimitsu main.
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Posted 10/5/12 , edited 10/5/12
This game is really to good and also having a great fun. The tekken is really a good or a best game of my all time.But i never played this series but now when i play this series i surely come back to give your answer.....
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Posted 10/6/12 , edited 10/6/12
Hello i currently have new tekken tag 2 overral gameplay has great fighting style and great stages with different BGM's includent Snoop's Dogg stage and BGM setting any character for having a teammate is more efficient better for team battles online or offline. ^^,
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Posted 10/13/12 , edited 10/13/12
I've been playing Tekken since the first TTT but I can't say I'm hardcore.

My main since T5 is Asuka (bonus points!), and my Tag partner for TTT2 is Jun. I've been taking my time practicing Miharu but I can't grasp her stances and style.
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Posted 10/19/12 , edited 10/19/12
I have loved Tekken since I was 9 but back then I only enjoy it over arcades. I got SF x Tekken and it's awesome. I'll pick up TTT2 when I finish all of my games. I got heaps of unfinished games. I have 10 epic games but I have only nearly finished one of them, which was Portal
Posted 10/20/12 , edited 10/21/12
I first played Tekken back when it was T2- and grew up playing T4/5 in arcades. But I never owned a PS2 so I missed out on the first TTT. (However, I do plan on getting Tekken Hybrid)

I just got TTT2 yesterday and I love it already. I main Asuka and Lili- which were my two main fighters in T6. I'm still finding the tag combo element tricky and don't understand the thing about the Combot.

I like how they are slowly going to release free DLC and seeing Sebastian was great.

Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
i got tekken tag tournment also its a very fun game my main is probably Xiaoyu and law or the panda
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Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
I love the Tekken series. Didn't pick this one up yet, I ended up getting DOA5 instead.
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