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Meisters and Weapons
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Posted 10/20/12 , edited 10/21/12

Omega didn't move and let the them hit him, but then a dark cloud surrounded Omega as his wounds healed before their eyes, then his armored healed its self, but when a bell rang, Omega striaghten up
well, thats my cue to go my Kary and look for Lord Death, bye bye, i had a nice fight

Naoki backed away from Omega then looked at Shiina. Shiina turned around facing him and made a smile to Omega, "Sayonara." She looked at Naoki giving him a stare while he made a nod. Then both Naoki and Shiina disappeared from the streets. It was the right thing to do, Shiina knows that they can't fully stop Omega from the fight. The Lord Death must take care of it himself, while Shiina has a mission to accomplish. Even the Lord Death would have understand their situation.
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