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Posted 10/4/12 , edited 10/5/12
It may seem calm sometimes but other times is when the evil humans lurk out of hiding to get their next soul beware and always keep your eyes open.
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Posted 10/8/12 , edited 10/8/12
Shiina stood in front of the forest that she received a mission from Mme. Rose, regarding the capture of Kishin Ka'ar. Shiina looks over to her side showing no expressions at all and said, "Naoki. Let's go." While she looked over the boy standing at her side just gave a nudge and didn't say a word. With a mask covering his face, it's hard to tell what expression he had either. The girl took the lead and walked in first while the boy followed behind her. He looked around not amazed at all, the usual expression he always have whether at school or at home. Shiina looked over to her left, hearing a sound suddenly coming from all directions. She didn't even need to guess what that sound is, it's Kishin Ka'ar giving them a warning. The girl let out a sigh then walked straight to the middle of the forest wanting to get this mission over with as fast as possible.
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