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Posted 10/10/12 , edited 10/10/12

icecreamsnow wrote:

Based on the Anime on Demand website, they don't believe they'll be getting it any time soon - if ever. Of the 6 Boxes, it's down to 5. K is streaming and the others are "Coming Very Soon"

To be fair, I don't recall them having it listed on their "Free Zone" page even before the TAN pre-cast.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the simulcast for Darkness is completely off. While Oreimo was only delayed by about 4 weeks, and the One Piece simulcast returned to Funimation (after about 2.5 months), those were leaks.

If TAN's action indeed result in AoD losing one of their 6 simulcasts, I imagine they would be mad enough to spit nails. I can't imagine they are too happy about 3 of their other simulcasts being delayed by it.

It is interesting to note that in reading a news article about the leak associated with the One Piece simulcast that it was also removed from Hulu at the time despite that being a week later and noted to be a license directly from Toei. That sets a precedent for AoD being affected, even if their simulcast didn't rely on TAN in any manner.
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Posted 10/12/12 , edited 10/13/12
Episode 2

A lot of Yami this episode. Cute Yami, deadly Yami, amusing Yami. Not too much happened this episode but that ending...oh my, something is going to happen and I mean that in the To Love-Ru way

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