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Inaba shows to be the one who cares nearly the most about the group and their ways of being. Thats why we notice that she is unable to express her feelings to Taichi at the beginning. Of course, we as viewers could realize this really easily at the beginning of the anime. While Iori may seem to need Taichi the most I feel like Inaba was truly the one who wanted him the most. I personally believe that if Inaba never confessed her love to Taichi this anime would not have been as good as it currently is. OH AND DID YOU SEE HER FACE AND EXPRESSION AFTER KISSING TAICHI! INAAAAAABBAAAAA!
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Inaba all the way. I just loved her from the get go. Maybe her cold attitude? That she always has, but she still cares for everyone. I don't know, also it doesn't help that I like the VA who does the voice for Inaba
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Yes indeed, her attitude towards everyone gives you a funny feeling (or at least it does to me) but when she truly expresses her self...MAN SHES SO ADORABLE! The voice for Inaba is quite amazing. The voice acting for all the characters seem to fit them, this anime is so amazing!
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i surely vote yui! i love yuri so muuuch!
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I started out rooting for Iori but by the end, I was Team Inaba all the way :)
It just feels right that way ;)
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