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Games that have made you so annoyed that you nearly snapped your controller
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27 / M / Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted 12/29/12 , edited 12/29/12
God of War III Titan Mode .. the final fight: the Zeus Fight ..

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26 / M / New Orleans LA
Posted 12/30/12 , edited 12/30/12
Call OF Duty

I ejected the game disc and snapped it in half
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26 / Wandering around...
Posted 1/1/13 , edited 1/1/13

Also, Final Fantasy 10, the lighting strike minigame.
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25 / M
Posted 1/15/13 , edited 1/15/13
The God of War series... Those puzzles, random footbreak on the pacing of the game it self is mind boggling.
By the time I was done with the trio, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, counts for the story as well.
Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/19/13
Like every game I play ... I like challenging games, and get really easily frustrated and overly excited XD I've actually broken numerous controllers/guns.
Posted 1/19/13 , edited 1/19/13

WasITEnouth wrote:

Catherine for me the last puzzles are so annoying lol

The first Kingdom Hearts on the hardest mode. Maybe it was because I was a kid when I played it but hot dang that game was hard back in the day. I died from fighting Dark Riku's final form and that chameleon thing from the Tarzan lvl like a gazillion times. Good memories though.

Oh...AND FFX. Then again I think it was just because I played it when I was a little kid. Because I went back and played it recently doing some insane level grinding and it was VERY easy. :/
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29 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 1/19/13 , edited 1/19/13
Dead Space 1 & all resident evils.

Dead space 1 was just too friggin hard to do even on the easiest setting. It just got too annoying to die around the same corner 7 times in a row. Also the time limits and the un-killable. Those nearly broke a controller between them.

Resident evil just never had great controls for me, it always did the opposite to what i wanted regardless of changing the control schemes.

Mechassault. I love this game but there was always one level that had me fuming every 5 minutes. You had to sneak into the base, harder then you think cos there's troops everywhere. Then you had to run and blast your way out.

Halo combat evolved on legendary, just drove me nuts with flood, not to mention the final run trying to get a minute left on the timer. Irony is that I've only been able to do it twice, ten years apart.
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22 / M / New Jersey
Posted 1/28/13 , edited 1/28/13
Trials Evolution - if you even buy this game your asking for it add me if ya like to win in grifball, which just came out last night - biilbo fraggins - thats 2 "i"s 2 "g"s
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27 / F / The Golden State
Posted 1/28/13 , edited 1/29/13
I almost threw my wiimote at my television while I was playing LOZ: Skyward Sword during the mine-car roller coaster part. I have Catherine too, but I felt more like bashing my head against a wall than destroying my controller.
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24 / M / 'Murka
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/29/13
Just about any time I play trials Evolution I rage eventually, going for those stupid gold medals.

Its inevitable.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 9/30/13 , edited 9/30/13
Closed due to inactivity. It's been over 8 months since the last post. Feel free to recreate if you desire to!
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