Your Own School Life
Posted 10/5/12 , edited 10/6/12
I'll start this forum and hope to keep it if we find actives who are willing to keep this forum going. I'm going to start this post fresh and entertaining.

This all began when I was in High school, I was a freshman and nervous as heck. Entering the class I was feeling my body move nonstop which kinda made me even more nervous, to add to the drama I too was kinda late so I came in after a good run and entered the classroom with everyone looking at me with owl eyes. "Sorry Im Late", I said as I found the last desk right next to the door in which I could sit at.
Luckily the teacher was not as mad as she looked XD and decided to welcome me with a joke to make everyone laugh at my lateness. Personally I though it was a perfect start for a new year....letting my teacher know I would be late for nearly all my classes and also cause an impression of a joker (Jk I didn't think of it so much).
It was all perfect after a couple days into high school. I kinda learned my way around all the high school area and was always in the right class because of two really good friends who kinda escorted me to class and everywhere I went. To add to the amazement....The night before starting school I prayed and prayed for one and only one miracle to god. "Please let me be in her class",I kept begging god. Some of you must know what young love is like and I truly hope no one has forgotten what it feels like. Turns out that god heard me, he snuck into the schools files and placed that young and beautiful girl I was so in love with in my same class. XD
So far everything was perfect, cool teachers , everyone in class got along, the love of my life was in my class, and I found it to be quite simple to adapt to. School life was simple and fun place to be at that time, my notes where not as good as my parents would want them to be,but I don't have time to study while I watch anime. Everything in school was good until it all hit me. One day after our first class some people say they saw a helicopter falling down near the school making weird noises and hoping for the worst. I personally felt left out since it seemed as if everyone heard it except for me. "That Heli is definitely gonna crash ", I heard a senior say. "No doubt", followed a voice from behind. "What Heli?",I thought. The countless voices in the classroom as I entered where tremendous. Everyone was talking about the Heli which I magically never heard, maybe It was for the best for me not to hear it because a couple minutes after everyone was going crazy.
Everyone started whispering to each other while some where saying things out loud until I heard, "The Helicopter DID crash!". I saw countless people go out and some even run out of the classroom without thinking I too left the classroom to find countless people crying and suffering. "What's going on?!",I though. Turn out the helicopter which crashed was the Father of a friend I knew. As I heard the notice I too decided to run outside the classroom, looking for someone to prove them all wrong. I however, was only able to run a few steps because right there, as I came out of the classroom, saw the girl I loved, the girl I still love...cry in the corner of a locker near the classroom.
One would think that I would have decided to go comfort tell her it was gonna be alright...but no. I just stood there watching her cry. "I should do as in anime",was exactly what I thought,"Go hug her,help her stop crying.". But no. I simply stood there and watcher her shed millions of tears right in front of my eyes. Funny how I still wish life was as romantic and simple as in anime, Hug her, not letting her go, calming her down. Nothing. I did nothing. Was that how school was going to begin? Why now and why him?!
Turns out that in the end it really was him, we all joined together and talked about the situation. Some crying more than others and thats pretty much it. Right after all that episode people decided to go home,rest, and forget about what had happened.
I too wanted to do so but I could not do it. No real reason really. A couple days passed and people acted as they normally did. What really shocked me was the attitude that the girl I loved was awfully normal. I was could she shed so much tears and then forget about it all?! Was she faking it?! Does she not care?! Another couple days later I had some time to speak to her, we where in class when she showed me one true smile which I truly knew she did want to show and made me ask her the question. "Why are you so happy",I asked,"Do you not miss him?!". She looked at me with a surprised face, she then told me something I will not forget until the day I die, "I cried all night long and before coming to school, If I cry here, that will only make everyone else sad." Shocked I looked at her and realized that I was the stupidest man on earth. Her eyes where shedding tears and I caused them.
She quickly went up to the teacher and asked her to let her go to the bathroom. She stayed there for a while leaving me time to hate myself for being such a fool. This made me realize how much anime and real life where related (Anime has been a great influence in my life already) but it also helped me realize that people know how to use masks and express them differently depending on the situation. Anime is actually really related to real life and it has countless aspects which are expressed in it. Some people decide to show their true emotions more than others while other would rather keep them. Little story times up. Please If you could post you In Real Life (IRL) school life crazy,funny,sad,scary stories to keep us all updated on your life.
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