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Posted 10/7/12 , edited 10/7/12

Welcome again to another new thread! Here we talk about what do you think about the anime "Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai" after watching the first and last episode.

Did it made you cry? Did it made you laugh out loud? Did it made you bored?

Just tell us how your really feel and don't hesitate to reply!


For me, Chuunibyou is a great anime! I have watched its first episode and it made me laugh all the way to the last! It was a really funny anime! I like the drawings, the animation, the story, and especially the characters! The first part made me laugh because of Yuuta's expression about his pasts. I was like that when I was in grade school. I was copying an Online Game and create my own characters! I was really good at drawing back then. ^^


That's how I feel about the anime.

Any Anime Recommendations? Let's go to the next thread.
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