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Death Scythes
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Posted 10/7/12 , edited 10/7/12

Death City Missions:
  1. "Help!
    10 Kishins are roaming around Death City and eating numerous human souls! Please wipe them out immediately!
    Sender: Little boy"(requirement 2 meisters)
  2. "Can you please deliver these magic armlets, im afraid that kishins might attack the sender and take the armlets please deliver them to Death City Main Street 2973.
    Sender: Miss Rin"
  3. "Kishin Cooga on the loose! Defeat him quickly before he spreads chaos!
    Sender: Farmer"
  4. "Delivery come to the Death room to see me and deliver this parcel to Stein in his lab Thank you.
    Sender: Lord Death/Shinigami-Sama"
  5. "Sewer patrol, I heard that kishins arrives in death city by the sewers. Go on patrol and seek if thats the truth. If it is lock the opening.
    Sender: Stein"(reward: ? kishin souls, 100$)
  6. "Kishin Mug and Jig are on the loose! Find them and slay them!
    Sender: Mister Bakster"(reward:200$ , ring of faith)
  7. "Find me a ring of faith earn big money!
    Sender: Rosalind Saint-Coquille"(reward: 1,000$)
  8. "Some weird things are happening in Death city, people are disappearing but no dead bodies please investigate.
    Sender: Shinigami-Sama"(reward: 200$, embryon scroll.)
  9. "Embryon Scroll wanted! I need one for my experiment. Can you find one for me?
    Sender: Stein"(reward: 50$)
  10. "I've been having trouble with my coffee machine...It doesn't seem to make coffee anymore..
    Sender: Marie"(reward: secret)
  11. "I've found something good If you want it, come talk to me.
    Sender: Orland Kern"(reward: secret)
  12. "Find the two twin kishins, careful they can transform into a human so be alert!
    Sender: Young Priest"

Forest Missions:
  1. "Kishin Ka'ar roaming in the forest help!
    Sender: Mme. Rose"(reward: 1 kishin soul, 100$)
  2. "Someone has taken my daughter to the forest and I can't find her! Please find her!
    Sender: Desperate Mother"(reward: 50$ and possibly 1 kishin soul or 1 human soul)
  3. "I lost communication with my grandfather in the forest please look for him!
    Sender: Joe"(reward: Secret)
  4. "Kishins are roaming in the forest I've counted 2 but there might be more! Hurry and defeat them before they reach the city!!
    Sender: Farmer Iron"(reward: 2+ kishin souls, 30$)
  5. "A fox took my keys and ran away in the forest. I would go find them myself but i heard there are kishins in the forest..Please help.
    Sender: Ben"(reward: ? kishin souls, 20$)
  6. "Kishins are roaming in the forest again, I counted 1. but more may be there
    Sender: May"(rewards: 1+kishin souls 30$, secret)

Desert of the Pharaoh:
  1. "The witch Marcella is trying to reincarnate the mummies in the sacred pyramid stop her quick!!
    Sender: Geologist Landon"(reward: Pharaoh's crest, 3 souls, 200$)
  2. "I saw kishins in the desert! I counted 2 but they may be more!!!
    Sender: Traveler"(Reward: 50$, 2+ kishin souls)

Quests to Make Money:
  1. "Hiring part-time at the maid-cafe!
    Sender: Yoshina"(reward: 30$ each time you work 4 hours)
  2. "Hiring part-time as a waitress at Delicateness
    Sender: Hanna De La Mira"(reward: 50$ each 2 hours)
  3. "Hiring for Mahou Hana (magical flower) The flower shop.
    Sender: Flora"(reward: 5$ 1 hour, magic scroll, magic plant)
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