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F / The BatCave
Posted 10/7/12 , edited 10/9/12
Three main characters and two back ground characters.

Age: (12 to 18)
Class: (Pureblood or hybrid)
Group: ( elementalists, psychotic, royal court, P&S(potions and spells), SCD (St. Cast Devil's), other/none )
S.P: (each vampire get's one specific skill to them)
Skill: (which vampire skill do the specialize in? The skill will place you in your group)
Persona: (what are they like)
Dorm: (integrated meaning you could be paired with anyone)
Pet: (One pet allowed, see rules as to what pets)
Bio: (eeeh dont go over board)

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23 / F / In my head.
Posted 10/8/12 , edited 11/6/12
Main Characters

Name: [Cornelia] Nelly
Age: 13 [Less Than a Year as a Vampire]
Gender: Female
Class: Changeling
Group: Academics/Scholars for now... (Other/None)
S.P: Giving Plants Intelligent Life
Skill: Understanding the Vampire Anatomy involving their super natural powers
Persona: PROS: Book & Street Smart, Modest,Tree-huger, Sympathetic, Moralized, Young. CONS: Unforgiving, Blunt, Bottled Up, Slightly Naive, Young
Dorm: Aiden
Pet: Apple she gave intelligent life, eyes and a mouth. It is Carnivorous. ("He likes... Bacon.")

    ♦Born Human
    ♦Parents killed by Vampires
    ♦Son of Vampires whom killed her parents turned her into a Vampire
    ♦She holds a horrible grudge against her "Master"
    ♦After her parents died, she lived at an Orphanage until it was shut down when the last Nun died
    ♦After the Orphanage closed, she lived on the streets for months, looking for ways to make money and attend the only school in her town. It was private, since the public one was run by the same Orphanage that closed down.
    ♦Her eyesight began to decline until she was near blind and unable to work any longer. She spent her last fews days as a human in agony and darkness within a cardboard box
    ♦When she was made into a Vampire, the powers that came with it were not enough to completely restore her eyesight. She's one of few vampires in existence who wears glasses
    ♦Most people either like her or have no opinion on her. There is only one student who thoroughly hates her
    ♦For a Vampire she's very religious
    ♦Glad she doesn't have a S.P. that may place her in the same classes as Aiden...
    ♦Likes small spaces, she's used to it and feels safer
    ♦Her Transformation was... one of the more painful. Her death took days to reach and even after she reached Undeath, her brain took weeks to rebuild the cells she lost before Aiden found her. The stress turned her hair a white Silver.
    ♦The Gold Bow she wears is from her parents to show that she is... was the greatest treasure they had...
    ♦Enjoys turning into a Bat
    ♦Her laugh is quite dorky, and when she cries its difficult for her to stop... it's not a pretty sight... This is partly why she tries not to do either in front of others.


Name: Aiden Jr. ["*sweet smile* Call me AJ... and I'll re-kill you."]
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: Pureblood
Group: Other/None
S.P: Doesn't know yet... (Plasma [Matter, ionized atoms, Gas-Like, Electric, Difficult to control...])
Skill: He's a bit too well-rounded, to the point where he's below average in everything
Persona: PROS: Loving, Generous, Thoughtful. CONS: Overprotective, Push-over (for Friends), Short-Tempered, Clingy, Nosy.
Dorm: Nelly
Pet: None ("They keep running away 83 ... *single tear*")

    ♦Used to be a bully at the school, Anger Problems
    ♦Hoping his reputation of the last three or four years won't carry over [Yeah, right]
    ♦Parents killed an innocent couple, so he finally left his home
    ♦He swore to be nothing like them
    ♦Began taking his studies serious and working for his own apartment and essentials
    ♦He learned that the couple had a child and went looking for her during his break from school
    ♦He found her dying and panicked, biting her neck and turning her into a Vampire
    ♦He doesn't completely understand why she hates him for it. She doesn't make it clear
    ♦He isn't a bully anymore but he still gets in many fights and detentions. Most of the time it's because someone picked on his little sister
    ♦He's a pretty lovable guy, sort of like a lost puppy, and he's very kind to his friends. He can be a bit clingy at times, though, and get into people's business.
    ♦When he discovers his S.P. he won't be placed with the Elementalists because Plasma isn't considered an Element. Not many understand what it is let alone how to control it.
    ♦One of his greatest enemies was/is Merph (Pierce's second oldest brother)
    ♦Prefers turning into a Wolf (sometimes briefly between)


Name: Melody
Age: 16 [+1000ish]
Gender: Female
Class: Changeling
Group: Other/None (SCD Wanted)
S.P: Universal/Worldly Sight [She must be outdoors, she must know how to get to the place, it takes her a while because her mind's eye must travel the distance as if she were running at top Vampire speed, depending how far/how long/how many times in a row she "looks" she could get a headache or migraine]
Skill: Locating objects and such
Persona: (@ Best:) Optimistic, Graceful, Moralled (@ Worst:) Low Self-Worth, Unsociable, Secretive, Distracted, (@ All Times) Bipolar/Emotional, Outspoken ("I-I don't give speeches! I simply state how I feel and why! For without reasons, opinions are merely complaints about something you find wrong..! Blah blah blah baddity Blah... *keeps going while others leave* And- ... oh, okay... ._.")
Dorm: Alina
Pet: Snow Squirrel [Maybe]

    ♦More than one thousand years ago, when civilization in Alaska was still primitive, she was born
    ♦Her parents died in a snow storm, and she was from then on taken care by a family friend
    ♦He revealed himself to be a Vampire, keeping her trust and gaining permission to turn her
    ♦She was always loyal to him, and took care of him in his worst as he did for her
    ♦The villagers of her tribe found out what they were and invaded their home at night
    ♦They were able to escape the villagers' grasp but were hunted down
    ♦Without him knowing, she distracted the villagers, leading them into a lake and drowning every single one
    ♦Being a Vampire, she did not die from the cold and was frozen for a thousand years
    ♦She washed ashore and was sent to SCBS
    ♦She still hears her Master's voice... Whether it is real or not doesn't matter: He cannot hear her...
    ♦Her parents died when she was very young, and her parents were never able to tell him her name, so he calls her Melody for her beautiful voice
    ♦Still under consideration of being placed with Psychotics, but the teachers of his Group aren't sure if they can help her...
    ♦Always Feels Cold =[


Minor Characters

Name: Pierce
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Class: Pureblood
Group: Academics/Scholars
S.P: Memorization [Keeps it secret, only uses it for what he's interested in]
Skill: Vampire History involving Powers (... see the connection yet? 8D)
Persona: PROS: Observative, Focused. CONS: Sarcastic, Pessimistic, Rebellious, Insecure, Lonely
Dorm: Cain (Not Bros)
Pet: Hairless Cat that belongs to all three Triplets named Cuddles and hates his guts

    ♦Youngest of Triplets
    ♦Completely left out by brothers, and when noticed is "abused"
    ♦Parents always confuse him with other two then disappointed when they realize it's him
    ♦Thought to not have any SP and is mocked for it
    ♦Pretends he doesn't have an SP because he hasn't read anything about other Vampires having it. ("Are you kidding me?! It's not that weird! ... I-is it? Oh, crap... please... *desperately flips through books**Squeaks* I don't wanna be alone anymore...!! D="]
    ♦Best friend of Nelly's but then quickly turned against her [Summer before school]
    ♦Mostly just insults and mocks Nelly; he doesn't do anything more or less
    ♦Voice Cracks when he's embarrassed or scared
    ♦Same Classes as Nelly
    ♦Started late because his parents were embarresed thinking he doesn't have an SP yet; they eventually gave up


Name: Joesph (Joey)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: Hybrid
Group: None
S.P: Read one's inner most desires that not even they may be aware of [With their permission of course]
Skill: Mind Reading
Persona: PROS: Calm, Moralized, Trustworthy, Loyal, Insightful, Respectful. CONS: Goody-two-shoes, Sheltered.
Dorm: Alek
Pet: Yellow Rabbit named Butters

    ♦President of a Religious Club, all are welcome whom love God whether Muslim, Christian or whatever, sadly only a few have joined
    ♦Usually says things very formally/profoundly... but sometimes has a slip of modern language ["All things past and we must not dwell on mistakes already forgiven... so, like, it's all cool, dude. =O"]
    ♦Practices many religions under God to be closer to him and to help those trying to reach him
    ♦His Mother was a Human Nun raped by a Vampire. She told him when he was thirteen, when she finally at peace with it. He holds no constant anger towards his father, but he's still unsure whether or not he would be able to control himself if he ever met him...
    ♦Secretly has a very strong Libido. He inherited it from his father, along with his devilish good-looking eyes and essence. He hasn't acted upon it... yet.
    ♦Despite having his father's "essence," people agree he still looks more like his mother, especially when he's being kind (which is almost all the time... so =3)

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F / The BatCave
Posted 10/9/12 , edited 11/4/12
Name: Eun Mi (oon MEE)
Age: 15 (thousands and thousands of years old, spent most the time in captivity)
Gender: female
Class: Changling
Group: Ambassador
S.P: Can see 15 minutes into the future
Skill: She average in all of her skills besides her Sp
Persona: (Pro) motherly, melancholy, modest, dependable, mysterious (Con) insecure, quiet, dull, fearful (of other vampires)
Dorm: Chantelle
Pet: Two love(song) birds sweet-pea and almond

- An offering to the demon that lives in the mountains
- Master tortured her for two years
- When on death bed was turned
- The torturing lasted many long years, at one point she even got used to the pain
- Woke up one day to find her master dead
- Took her another long time to regain her strength
- The master's drudge offered his services and she accepted
- She saved up money to go to the boarding school
- Has trouble with her english so her drudge was allowed to come with her

Because of her past she...
- She suffers from black outs, during which she attacks other students
- Irregular eating pattern, she can go months with out eating, usually ends with a black out
- Unfamiliar with modern world and its customs
- Nightmares
- Rumors at school
- She is befriended by people who only want what she's got (ambassador, her own drudge, people think she's rich)


Name: Rylan
Age: 16
Gender: male
Class: Hybrid
Group: Royal Court
S.P: Can see/feel the emotions/thoughts of others by touch
Skill: trances/ charisma, heightened senses, empathy with animals
Persona: (Pro) Boyish Charm, Positive, Friendly/social, Courageous, Involved (con) Weak (hides under a lot of clothing), Mischievous, improper (mannerisms), Stressed
Dorm: Secret ;D
Pet: a bat, "berry" (she is his best friend from the woods)

-Birthed to a woman couple
- Mother died, other mother became hectic
- Was attacked and neglected many times by the other mother
- Father of child watched it unfold for his own amusement
- Other Mom was put into an asylum
- Was sent to an orphanage
- Drank from one of the children and was caught
- Caused a panic at the orphanage and ran away into the forest
- He was traumatized by the event and became scared to drink
- Managed to drink off of animals
- Lived among a family of bats
- Lived there for about two years until Liam found him eating a rabbit
- Liam noticed how incredibly pale and malnourished he was
- Liam took him under his wing at the age of 10
- Still never got over his fear too drink from others
- Carries a cooler full of blood pouches so he wont disrupt meetings or class
-He is unaware of who is real father is and views Liam as his father


Name: Cain
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: Pureblood
Group: Psychotic (cant control his power)
S.P: Ice
Skill: Strength, stamina
Persona: (Pro) Sincere (true to his word), Refined, Serious, Determined, Generous, Perfects (Con) condescending, negative, stubborn, arrogant, indifferent, Malice (hatred)
Dorm: Pierce
Pet: none

-A prince from a vampiric kingdom located off the map
- Recently his family was betrayed and killed by their chief general
- The last he saw of his family was his brother's murder
- Brother stayed behind to fight off soldiers so Cain could escape
- Killed as Cain and their drudge exited through a secret passage
- They ran away while the tyrant general took hold of the throne
- He is a troubled prince and the drudge made a choice
- Was given a new identity and sent to live at the boarding school
- Feels alone and betrayed by everyone
-Wears special gloves so his power wont harm anyone.


Name: Alina
Age: 14
Gender: female
Class: Pureblood
Group: Scholar
S.P: Can bring your nightmares/fear into reality (she must have been told the fear) or Illusions(doesnt kill but can cause psychological issues)
Skill: Sp
Persona: Pro: Lonely, Determined/Devoted, Respectful, Mysterious, Mournful Con: Dis-satisfied/uninterested, Stubborn, Distant, Cold, Reluctant (with others)
Dorm: Melody
Pet: A mouse name Gibblet

-Her past his famous world wide and even made the papers
-At the time she had an 19 year old lover whom loved her dearly
-A slayer managed to kill her lover and when she was told the news she went on a rampage
-She destroyed the city, killing hundreds of innocent people, until she found the slayer
- She scared the slayer to death with her ability only to find something shocking
-When she found him it was discovered that the vampire was a best friend from the human world
-At that moment she was satisfied and happy he died, but when she finally calmed down she was horrified
-She left her city in shambles the next day, vowed to never make relationships with anyone again
-She obviously has no problems, other vampire's are to scared to confront her....though there are some times.....


Name: Chantelle,
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Class: Changling
Group: Scholar/ Staff
S.P: Healing
Skill: SP
Persona: (Pro) Helpful, Excitable, Grateful, Curious, Self-reliant, Thoughtful, Tease/Playful (Con) Cry Baby, easily confused, Disorganized, Clumsy, Passive, Impatient. Childish
Dorm: Eun mi
Pet: its at home

-Was turned by a vampire on the request of his first changeling
-The first changeling wanted a "sibling" to play with
-She is actually an intern at the school and works under the doctor as a nurse
-Misses her "sister"
-Doesnt remember her first life as a human
- Her master gave her the bunny hair clip, her "sister" has a pink one


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