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Posted 10/21/13 , edited 10/21/13
If kayaba wasn't the final boss, then they would still be in SAO still. There would have been too little people on the front lines, so there would no longer be any more advancement on the front lines. People could live peaceful lives until they die. Well if they die because of the helmet, wouldn't you feel like you're being fried by the sun? Anybody that doesn't die that way will just weaken until they no longer exist.
Posted 3/24/14 , edited 3/24/14
I would be delighted. My life consists of constant teasing, and bullying so a chance to get away is more than welcome.
I wouldnt readjust too well. I would be homesick because that world would feel like my home.
It would be exremely hard, but eventually i would be back on track.
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