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As time progress the japanese elementals' and their demon masters' grip on the land around and surrounding the japanese sea grows, new japan is nothing to be happy about for the humans. Ever route through this land leads to eminent disaster and at the route of it all is the Red Dragon. The Redragon is a feirce archangel whom has no compassion for any living thing and upon encounter would probably eat you alive unless she saw reason not to. She is reknowned for her red dragon elemental from depths of hell whom while she was riding help get rid of all surviving japanese colonies. Few colonies get by with a peaceful habitat, food is rare.
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In her usual long blood red Kimono, Asuka walks up to a chair like throne and gracefully takes her seat, swinging the end of her Kimono off to the side of the chair. With her arms resting on the armchair she leans forward as the beads against her forehead makes a jingle sound while she moved. Even though she could only see the red of the cloth over her eyes, she could feel and slightly see movement around her. "What is it now?" she spoke in a loud and irritated voice as the guard standing before her flinched and bowed his head. "We have spotted two of them and they are headed this way." he said without looking up at her, he was afraid of her eyes even when the red cloth is over them. "Perhaps they are unaware of this place they will encounter.." he said. "May their death wish be granted." she chuckled slightly as she stepped down from the throne and made her way outside.
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Metatron slowly descended from heaven, his angelic form emitting a pulsing radiance. It was clear that he had not gone down to fight by the way he descended. He slowly looked around for a place to land.
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