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Why do girls...
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Posted 10/20/12 , edited 10/20/12
People who start threads like that have trouble relating to others plain and simple.
Yes, I do belive it can promote sexism in those who have not made the first step to understanding.

There is no simple answer, no cure and little help from your peers.
You need to find answers for yourself.
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Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12

Animewatcher96 wrote:

Dude! Take a break and a little chill i also agree with you to a point but that comment was not really that sexist and he was obviously just trying to make light of it and be friendly man! I respect women and men equally and try to look at what is good and bad in all of them and what can be improved...

You are completely missing the point... I know he had no ill intentions but it doesn't change the fact that calling 'catfight' is sexist. Which is the exact thing I was trying to bring up here with this thread. People here don't realize how much they are being unintentionally sexist and creating an 'us and them' attitude and it bothers me. It makes me not like these forums because they can be just plain ignorant.

That is my point plain and simple.
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Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12
Why do girls suddenly appear, every time - - you are neeaaar.. *Sings*

Was I the only one? Honestly..
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Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12
I thought about that recently while looking through the threads. I think calling it sexism (along with calling other people posting their opinions sexist) is a bit much, though. Actual sexism is intentional - It's unfounded hatred spurned by gender. The posts that start with "... Why do girls/guys...", I think, are simply due to being misguided.

Especially for those who are socially awkward and shy, the things we are surrounded with influence our perspective. This includes television, comics, games, etc. Sometimes these can leave a bad impression.
I'm going to speak hypothetically here about, say, a boy who's never really tried to ask out a girl. There are plenty of TV shows that tend to express that women are confusing. For someone who hasn't had real experience with girls ( or whichever race or gender rife with stereotypes), this gives them the impressions that girls are fundamentally different from boys in every way.
He's going to treat girls like mysterious creatures because the pieces of information he's gathered through the things he watches and reads tells him that it's normal and expected of him to do so. It's not due to his own crudeness or sexism, but because we're all still growing towards equality and we haven't all quite gotten there yet. It's taken us this long to get to where we are, after all. At least, that's what I think.

Sorry for the novel. I'm... Not generally good at getting my point across. Also sorry if my lengthy post came across as just a bunch of ramble-y nonsense. >__>;;;

These ideals are things we've grown into, and it'll take time to grow out of it.
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