Post Reply Kokoro Connect coming to an end?
Posted 10/11/12 , edited 10/12/12
Just as I was watching Kokoro Connect ed's and op's I heard there was some kinda prank pulled on a voice actor which many concidered as bullying. It's all kinda confusing but heres the article.
Long story short....It seems as if the eps we were all so eagerly awaiting for will not come.
I kinda understood that the blue ray version will bring some 2-3 extra eps. (probably the ones we where waiting for)
I'm kinda happy that there is a slight chance that we will get to see the ending of kokoro connect but man! We have to wait till the blue ray version comes out? And me being someone who cant even buy an anime toy will suffer so much from it
So depressing. :(
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Posted 10/15/12 , edited 10/16/12
that's ridiculous and unfair
Posted 10/16/12 , edited 10/17/12
sad but true. It broke my heart when I read it on a youtube video I was watching. "It can't be possible!", I rushed to crunchy to confirm the impossible. As I clicked kokoros connect queue I realized my fears were real and I could not do anything about it. It's we...a small group of fans are unable to do anything to keep what we love going and the truth is that our voice is a small voice which COULD be heard but it would take hard work...I still cant believe they would've made such a big fuss of something so simple.
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