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Posted 10/14/12 , edited 10/14/12
Write your own story about what happened to you(or anyone) in Aincrad!

I wrote a fan fiction for SAO and I decided to share it, and I thought other people should share some too, if they want :)

This is only the first page of it, I wrote it by hand and it is 28 pages long, so I do not want to type the entire thing :p

('Tis first person view)


I entered this game about a month ago. I am pretty sure I was amongst the highest levels, being level 15. Despite this, I did not lead a guild, or even join one. I did not interact with other players at all. I figured if I didn't party with anyone, I wouldn't have to worry about anyone but myself, but it wasn't just that, it was that I couldn't interact with other people. I am like that in the real world, and I still act this way in the game. I do no not really have any confidence in my looks, I cannot start up a conversation with anyone but the people I already know, who are not in this game with me. Everyone in this world is a stranger to me, and I to them. I use a one-handed sword and a small buckler. I always wear a cloak with a hood to hide my face, because I do not like helmets. I use armour made of cloth, so I suppose it couldn't really be called armour. I always dye my clothes a dark green colour, I suppose I am trying to blend in.

I usually ignore every player I see, unless they seriously need my help, and the person in front of me looked like they needed my help. The person was dressed in what looked like clothes similar to mine. This guy is getting ambushed by the flying wind wisps that occupied the western plain of the second floor. He looked like he had about 30% of his health left, and that low amount was gradually decreasing. The durability on his sword must have worn out, as he was not wielding one. I shouted to him to dive on the ground and immediately after he did that, I used a <Horizontal> sword skill, followed by a <Slant>, and the wisp was defeated, I turned to help the guy up, but what I saw completely shocked me. It was a girl. I had been mistaking her for a guy the entire time because of the cloak she wore, which seems to have lost its durability.

....That is the first page of the story I wrote, I will take any criticism with open arms, as I would like to know the bad things about it....
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Posted 10/29/12 , edited 10/30/12
I would say great start. Sounds like the makings of a great story. Just try and make sure your main's name isn't Kirito. lol.. there are a lot of solo story's out there. I challange you to try and work in a small party. Makes writing a bit more fun. My opinion anyway. But still very good start and nice use of the game mechanics.
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Posted 10/31/12 , edited 11/1/12
Pretty good start to your story but don't tell me your story is going to be a romance with this girl haha
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Posted 12/26/12 , edited 12/27/12
Nice start
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