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Posted 10/16/12 , edited 10/16/12
Your brother/sister was in an elevator well while they were trying to go the 4th floor, the cable snapped, leaving them falling three and a half stories and your they survived the fall when the ambulance arrived and took them to the hospital they had major head trauma causing lose of sight, hearing, and paralysis in the arms and legs and from the contact with a narrow piece of metal there throat had a slight puncture making them lose there voice forever. The doctor said there was no chance that they would recover from the incident, and said that you could have them put under if you wanted to. Would you put them under, or have them stay alive?
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Posted 10/23/12 , edited 10/23/12
I would say put them under. I know this could sound a little selfish, but why have someone alive if it would seem as if they would be in pain? They have no way of coummunication and unable to recover from the incident, it's basically someone living but not really living. I say put them under to end all the suffering and pain right then and there. It would be best not to let them live the rest of their life in pain
Posted 10/25/12 , edited 10/25/12
I would have to have them put under. I mean it seems more humane than watching them struggle for the rest of their life. Not only that but the will probable want to since they are basically just a rock
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