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Posted 10/17/12 , edited 10/17/12

1: you can post as many times as you want but be reasonable, please.

2: Be as active as you can.

3: Be polite.

4: Cursing is allowed but in moderation.

5: No Killing or Injuring without Warning and Consent of the patient getting injured or killed.


1: Shadows
Hunt down and eat the souls of the patients. Basically they will kill you if you come in contact with them, or eat your soul if you are killed by other patients. Shadows can be used to help the story or you play as one! There are 2 forms of Shadows original and intelligent.

Original: as the name suggest these are original to the Asylum and have primal instincts

Intelligent: Are the souls of the dead patients who where not eaten and became just like shadows but can think and are aware of their surroundings. Very dangeruos keep away! (THIS IS THE TYPE YOU CAN PLAY AS BUT STILL NEED A BACK STORY)

2: Safe Zones
There are 7 safe zones where shadows can't get you, no one knows why.
They are:
1. The Shack
2. Boiler room
3. the Old Oak Tree
4. Room 666
5. The Nurses Lounge
6. Room 110
7. The Morgue

3: Food and Water
There is food and water there but you will have to find it and you will need to eat. Also, none of it is in the safe zones.

4: Insanity
If one stays in a safe zone to long or chooses to they will go insane and so on and so forth proceed to injure other patients or take their own life, so watchout!

5: Injures
You can get injured.

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