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Posted 10/17/12 , edited 10/18/12
Hi BTOOOM Fans... What on Earth has made you gravitate to this Anime, and most Important to this Forum, why do you like it?
Hmmm, Let us ponder this for a minute...ok, time is up!

I for one thought this would be a lark because of the title and didn't really give it much thought. Like you I was watching the Anime and thought, "Ok, this is going to be about another Online MMO or another "Accel World" type of Anime...

Ok, I was wrong, it is something more sinister and can happen to anyone...just ask Ryōta Sakamoto, the hero, or the underdog if you wish, as he try's to get is bearings and stay alive...and maybe get the girl in the end as well...

Everybody get ready, for another episode that is going to EXPLODE in high definition and in Technicolor or your computer screens, or if you are lucky enough, on your home 780 dpi 16 x 9 wide screen televisions through the benefit of your lucky Bast..ds...(censored for those under 17...because we know those under 17 have no imaginations and can’t figure it out….yeah right!!)
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Posted 10/19/12 , edited 10/20/12
i like this anime for a lot. it's a nice one. i don't know why no one's ever thought of using bombs as a main weapon for something.
but i gotta admit, this anime deserves its "seinen" title. it's sometimes pretty scary. like the episode 2 flashback...
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Posted 10/20/12 , edited 10/20/12
The name is what caught my eye first, I mean how can you pass up an anime called BTOOOOOM! ?

Of course then I watched the preview and decided to watch it.
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