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New members-How to begin!

Pm HatakeKuro or Sengokukaien for any starting questions !


1. No godmoding and trolling.

2. All characters, moves, ideas have to be approved by me or a mod so if you go around it we will have trouble.

3. I don't mind romance and anything like that, but if you do anything that you know no one wants to see take it to pm or some other place.

4. No killing characters without the user's consent.

5. No harassing or bullying of any kind. Light teasing and joking around is fine, but keep your offensive thoughts.

6. The golden rule is have fun.

7. Quote people please!

8. Pm SengokuKaien about characters and powers

9. Don't denounce other rps or other people's interests! Be tolerable and please if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. Please, it actually makes my life harder when fights break out.

For potential new Zanpakuto skills, pm me SengokuKaien

According to your rank, you start with a specific stat average. This stat average is:

300 for Captains and Espada Arrancar

200 for non-Captains and non-Espada

The stats are:


Strength: It describes your physical Strength, and is directly linked to the damage you can cause by using a melee attack, Zanjutsu, Hakuda or how well you can block a powerful attack.

Speed: It describes your speed, both moving/running speed and how quickly you wield your weapon. It is directly linked to how quickly you can attack, or if you can block/dodge in time.

Durability: It describes the natural hardness of your skin, and how well you can protect yourself from an attack, it you are hit head on. Yet, try not to be hit if possible!

Reflexes: It describes how quickly you can react to something, be it an attack, a change in battle, something surprising like your opponent using Shunpo, or how you can “correct” an action according to what the opponent did. It’s directly linked to whether you can dodge, block in time or not.

Kido: They describe how skilled you are in the usage of Kido. Directly linked to the level of Kido you can learn, and also linked to the power of your Kido.

Zanjutsu: It describes how skilled you are in the usage of your weapon. It describes skill of any weapon your Shikai/Bankai turns to, not just a sword.

Hakuda: It describes how skilled you are in the usage of martial arts and your body. Note that to perform highly acrobatic moves, you need a high stat.

Hoho: It describes how skilled you are in the usage of Shunpo. It’s linked to if your opponent can react in time to you using Shunpo

Reiatsu: A very important stat. It is directly linked to how strong your Zanpakuto abilities are, since they are fueled by Reiatsu. It also is linked to how strong your Kido spells are. A burst of Reiatsu might be able to free you from a Bakudo. Finally, it’s linked to how many spells/Zanpakuto abilities you can use in a single battle

Stamina: It describes for how long you can keep fighting, and how you can do against the fatigue of battle. It also is linked on how many times you can use melee techniques in a single battle.

In shikai state add 20 points to each of your stats your shikai affects.

In bankai state add 40 points to each of your stats your Bankai affects.


There will be three vizards in the entire game and one vasto lord though the vasto lord form has been taken already.

Vizard mask add 15 points to which ever stat it affects

Vasto lord form adds 30 points to which ever stat it affects.

Any other form you make up we will discuss how much it affects your stats.

What Division you can join:

You may choose to join one of the 13 Squads, or the Kido, Hakuda and Zanjutsu corps. Please don't start your character as a member, and rather start as unranked, meet the Captain of the Squad you want to join in-game and act out your acceptance to the Squad.



Training will work like this. You can only train once a day and for each day of training you will get 10 points. The points you get through training will be saved up for a week and by the end of the week the total points that you accumulated will distributed to any of your stats. The most important thing I can't stress enough is that there are no specific amount of posts you need for training. You can do one post and get the 10 points, but I will not accept it if your post is like "After a half an hour of training, he leaves the training grounds" or anything like that I will not accept it and you won't get the 10 points. Please pm me the page you trained on or your training won't count. Sparring also counts as training

When you are about to add your training points to your stats, pm SengokuKaien stating how you used your points, for example "I put 10 points in Zanjutsu and 20 points in Reiatsu".


Mastery is what allows you to do certain things in game. Mastery allows you to invent kido and invent other high level techniques that fall under zajutsu, kido, hakuda, and hoho. Mastery is also used to learn certain moves that already exist. A Mastery requires the related stat to be at 300 or over that.

Captains are limited to two masteries to begin with.

Lieutenants and below are able to have one mastery of their choice and may earn a second Mastery within a full week of training, meaning 7 training days.

No one can get a third or 4th Mastery, even if their stat is over 300. This would mean Expertise.

Stat Limitations:

1 If people design a Captain:

Strength/Speed/Durability/Reflexes/Stamina need to be higher than 200

Reiatsu needs to be higher than 300 or equal to 300.

Either Zanjutsu or Hakuda or Kido needs to be 300 or higher.

Justification: To be a Captain, it's only expected that you at least have the above. The physical traits are the one's of an average Lieuteanant, so if you don't possess even these, you wouldn't have been made a Captain. A Shinigami is not only about Reiatsu or Zanpakuto.

A Captain needs to have strong Reiatsu.

A Captain needs to have Mastery over at least one way of offense other than his Zanpakuto, or he wouldn't have been made Captain in the first place. It's not only about raw power, it's an official position that comes with a lot of things.

2 If you exclude zero stats, the difference between your highest and your lowest stat can't be more than 400. Meaning, if you have a Stamina of 200, the highest the rest your stats can go is up to 600.

This prevents something like this:

Strength: 200
Speed: 200
Durability: 200
Reflexes: 200
Hoho: 0
Kido: 300
Zanjutsu: 0
Hakuda: 0
Reiatsu: 1700
Stamina : 200

Learning or creating techniques

You can create and learn techniques, but they will have a certain amount of days before you master them. Pm SengokuKaien when you have an idea, and before starting to work on a technique. He will give approval and tell you the number of days you need to train, which will vary from 2-7 according to the potency of the technique.

Kido: This is the levels of kido that can be mastered within a certain time frame. To invent kido you will need to be a kido master.

Kido 1-39: 3 days

kido 40- 69: 5 days

kido 70-99: 7 days

NOTE: There will be some made up kido already, but you can still make up kido. Maybe make your own list of kido you've created.


Zanpukto skills

Shikai: Can go up to 8 moves and adds 20 points to each of your stats your shikai affects.

Bankai: Add 6 more moves and add 40 points to each of your stats your bankai affects.


You can also be an arrancar.

Release: adds 30 points to whatever stats it affects. Gets 6 moves

Segunda: This will add 60 points. gets 5 more

You can have unique powers that aren't zanpukto powers, zanjutsu, kido, shunpo, hakuda. Just get them approved by SengokuKaien.

You can also make three characters!
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