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How do you rate/score/grade your anime?
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Posted 10/20/12 , edited 10/20/12
I use a 10-point scale like for MAL...
How do I arrive at my scoring, well generally if I loved the anime it would naturally get a high score. Determining which score I'd give out depends on the characters, the story and animation...sometimes I like the music but it doesn't always the songs from Macross F were pretty good but I hated both female leads singing

I do give 10's...but anime that change my view on life....whether its action, fantasy or plain old slice of life....then again Gintama is in a class of its own.
7 is the average....worth watching, entertaining but not just AWE-inspiring
8 is getting there....with just a little more class than the 7's
9's pretty much there....very enjoyable and simply amazing. But like I said they don't add anything to my life like the 10's do.
5- 6 are okay...they aren't exactly a waste of time but they aren't worth much either.
The lowest I've given is a 4....for some reason I possess skills that allow me steer clear of any anime that would make me throw up....and thats what I would give a 1...should I ever find myself unlucky
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
I rate anime as only good or bad. If it entertains me it is good and if not then it is bad. That isn't to say that everything I think is good I enjoy on an equal level. I can definitely make a top 10 list, but I can't exactly put a rating on any one area because it all comes down to my personal taste, not whether the plot or music, or anything else makes or breaks it.

I enjoy comedy and mystery really well, for example, so that would put shows like Gintama and Detective Conan near or at the top of my list. Could there be anime with a much better rating for plot points, music, animation. Yeah, but it's not my rating, that rating doesn't mean a thing, and that rating will not make me watch the anime nor make it show up in my list because it says it should be there..
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
I don't really like rating things based on any specific criteria, as I like different things for different reasons. Nonetheless, there is a sort of hierarchy in my head for things I like and don't like, and I've also noticed some trends with the things I like. It seems like most of my favorite series have well-developed characters and interesting dialogue. That is, can I understand the characters, their thoughts, ideas, and motivations? Do they talk about cool ideas, or express their ideas poetically? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then there is a good chance I will like the series. So if I had to choose any criteria, it would probably be that. I've also noticed that great music has a lot to do with how much I enjoy a series. A good plot comes next. It might seem weird that music is more important than plot, but a good music score can make a huge difference in atmosphere. If there was any sort of ranking, it would probably be this:

1. Favorites
2. Awesome
3. Above average
4. Amusing/Entertaining
5. Meh
6. Completely dropped from disinterest

Edit: So I guess it's a 6-point scale?
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29 / M / norway
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
i don't use score but rather go by the : to be recommended or not recommended and to whom I'd recommend and who's asking for recommendation
on an personal note i go buy what genera the show is
the art style and level of story
and how attached you get to the story and characters
ignore fan service or laugh at it or bear with it to an point
not an fan of battle royal animes where all the characters die but some i watch to the end
yaoi is an fun pun but if its the back bone of the anime i end up droping
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24 / F / Wonderland
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
A Ten point rating system, and depending on the anime one matters more than the other,
Usually, its,
Five points on characters,
Three Points on story, (Unless its Shoujo)
A Half on music (But the music often affects the mood, soo it depends on the genre)
One and a half on animation (Unless its something like Project K or anything SHAFT,)

Then again, it differs depending on the genre, on Code Geass Characters were more important, in Zetsubou Sensei it was Animation, on Pandora Hearts the music got me over the first episode and on Ouran HSHC or Kuroshitsuji, characters are most important.
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23 / F / Tiphares
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
I rate by the overall theme of the story, the message(s) it's trying to give the viewer and go from there.
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29 / M
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
I dont scale them, I just like them or dislike them. If I like them I will be more likely to watch a shows entire run, and maybe even buy it when it gets released. If I dislike it then I just drop it. I may go back and watch it later to see if my views on it change.
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25 / M / Minnesota
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
++ Favorites
+ I plan on finishing
(n) I will watch it when there is nothing to watch
- I gave it a few chances but still not appealing
-- doesnt seem remotely interesting

I usually base my rating on how interesting an anime is in the first few episodes.
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24 / M
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
Well, I don't really rate, but as I was organizing all the anime I'd seen, I started assigning them either an A, C, or F. I tried to put in as few ratings as possible to get the job done, because I think many rating schemes conceal more information than they tell (for example, in game reviews a 7/10 would be the expected score for a disappointing high-budget release or a good, but unpolished small game - two completely different things). Then I added in A-C and C-F (also known as 'B' and 'D') - which I invented basically so I could give the various Yu-Gi-Oh! franchises an A even though they don't deserve it.

If I were to give numbers to each of those grades, A would be a 90-100, A-C would be a 90-80, C would be a 90-70, C-F would be an 80-60, and F would be 70-0. Wow, I'm harsh.

EDIT: And then most harsh would be a null rating. That would mean I thought it was too bad to keep watching. This is probably my most common score.
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M / [Redacted]
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
i use my own four section scale, including:

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24 / M
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12
I'm sort of in the groove of the 10 point system used in MAL.

The most important aspects I pay attention to are the story and characters. Both can really make or break a series for me, for example, I hated the lead for the world god only knows, but the story was too interesting for me to drop. Before I got into the novels, if yo asked me, I could never really tell you what the hell is going on with the plot in index, but I keep comming back everyweek for the characters such as Touma, BiriBiri, Accelerator and Index (and eventually H******) Then I take the art into consideration, ironicly enough for a guy who wants to be a cartoonist, unless its insanley bad I don't really concern myself with it. I mostly take point to bring it to peoples attention when its really good or really bad. To a lesser extent its similar with music. Then I take into consideration my own personal enjoyment of the series and give it an overall rating:

10: Absolutly perfect, everyone could watch it and love it (almost never give out this rating)
9: FANTASTIC! a soild series sure to entertain the masses
8: I'm having too much fun to really give a shit about the flaws
7: Its pretty good, but there some flaws here and there
6: Its alright, but there are alot of irksome flaws
5: I just barely got to finish the damn thing...the flaws
4: I can't do it, I tried but I can not go on.
3: Didn't even get past episode 5
2: Didn't even get past episode 1
1: FUCK YOU (and yes, this is in refrence to the spill crew)

I don't think I've ever given anything a one before or even a 3, even the anime I hate the most only has a 4, so I don't really take myself as hard to please.
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29 / M / CA
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12
I use a rating system of 1-5 although it is a 20 point scale (increments of 0.25 i.e 4.00, 4.25, 4.50.....).

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35 / M
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12

I use the 5 Star system because it's also adaptable to a 1-10 styled ratings used by other places by using half stars if the things I judge by are partially present. I rate by the following criteria:

1. The Storyline: Whether it's entertaining or not or well written
2. Characters: Whether they were interesting, possessed depth, played off of each other, and were developed
3. Emotional Impact: Whether or not I got "into it", like it made me care about the characters, laugh, cry, rage, etc.
4. The Ending: Whether or not it ended well if at all
5. Technical Aspects: Was the animation and music good?
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F / Tokyo
Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12
How I rate anime:

I write a general review of it first, and then I give it a letter grade for 3 things: Story, Art, and Characters.

I'll generally give a better review for an anime if it makes me feel emotional. Because you can have a great anime, but without emotion it seems kind of hollow and doesn't leave that much of an impression.
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