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if anime series was censored extremely, would you continue to watch is after ep 1?
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Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/21/12
recent we have notice some ecchi series have been censored extremely and find it extremely annoying to watch. after first 2 ep, we decided not to watch it any time. what do you believe. should you continue watching or just give up?
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Posted 10/21/12 , edited 10/22/12
I would just wait for it to be released uncensored....
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Posted 10/22/12 , edited 10/22/12
still watch it all the way then later see when no censor version arrive.
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Posted 10/23/12 , edited 10/24/12
it depends on whether or not it has an amazing story line. censoring is highly annoying, and it is really a slap in the face to who ever the creator is. if they drew, made, or wrote it in that way then that's how they want it viewed.
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Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/25/12
I dont agree with censorship at all.
Why is it their decision if someone can handle it or not? That should be a personal decision.
I especially hate when plot elements get removed by censorship.
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Posted 12/12/12 , edited 12/13/12
I don't mind the subtle forms of censorship, such as 'purposeful mistranslation' for certain phrases, or in the case of nudity, the fog/thickened area/innocuous censorship.

What I hate is when it actually distracts from the anime.

Example: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. Looks like it could be awesome to watch, was watching the First Episode. Lecherous male protagonist shows up, makes perverted conversation, goes in for the grope. Saw it coming. Girl is fully dressed, not even any "temperature extremes" going on.

Giant whiteness distracts from looking around, as it blocks out him groping her.

Hm... where did I see this before? OH WAIT! The most aggressively censored version of High School of the Dead, when Pinkie was drilling a zombie to death, and the zombie was groping at her, and "grabs" as best as a zombie can, her chest.

If not for the white light, the zombie flailing wouldn't have brought my attention to what the zombie's hands were doing. I was too busy watching it get drilled!
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Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/13/12
Mostly it would depend on how entertaining the story is.

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Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/16/12
depends on what show
Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/16/12
Over-censorship as in 4Kids' murder of One Piece? Hell no.
If the producers don't want us to see something, don't make it or buy the rights~ Of course I'd rather not see some things, but it shouldn't be changed excessively from its original form.
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