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How do you see the animation quality in anime?

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Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/24/12

Sesshoumaru-sama wrote:

It depends really on the studio.
The usual framerate should be around 23,976 up to 30,30. I don't see this as a problem unless you have really really fast motion - otherwise all the movies provided in 24p would have a serious problem (some actually have). Watching my anime on a 200" videowall I usually select carefully the resolution. Between 480p (DVD) and HD (720p) are dimensions. True 1080p is only interesting for screens larger than 60".

But you never should forget about the artwork and artstyle. You can have pretty crappy animation even in FullHD resolution with 48fps.

I take care of some computers at a small independent studio in Houston and here there are keyframe animators that take care of the major stuff and tween animators that take care of the frames in between major keyframes, once the gaps are filled they go over the sections they are working on and when they've reached a point they feel is acceptable they send it off to be finished up, frames are interspersed between the gaps still present, 14-16 fps will be padded until it resembles something closer to 24fps and once the timing and everything is ready it gets rendered at the desired framerate and resolution. You would be surprised at how many of these animations running at 30fps are drawn in only 12-16fps. Its kind of like taking a vcr and playing it in slow motion while recording it with another vcr as it moves in slowmo or the other way around, speeding up the video and recording the faster speed on the other vcr. The animation moves at the right speed and its recorded at whatever framerate is needed. Thats more or less how their software works here. Atleast how it was explained to me. I just finished building a small render farm for them last week and 5 of their artists went straight away hammering at the farm with some crazy complex stuff. I guess they were just excited at the idea of 30 minute renders now only taking 10 min or so lol
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Posted 10/26/12 , edited 10/27/12
First i I think it depends on the anime genre.Example Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt a comedy thats drawn as a cartoon and works well.

I do like when all detail is drawn out like in a slice of life anime.I admire the attention to detail.

Also detail is important in sci-fi type animes.

I will watch an anime if I like it for the storyline even though the artwork could be better.

A big complaint some anime I watch the vocals dont match the mouth. I am talking about original anime here no dubs.Or they are too lazy to have the mouths move.
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Posted 11/28/12 , edited 11/29/12
Op nuked.

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