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Am I the only one sick of Square Enix?
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28 / F / Rapture
Posted 12/4/12 , edited 12/4/12
I could never hate square enix, 13 and 13-2 were not really in the same league as what I was expecting from them but they weren't unbearable. Sometimes it seemed like more of a chore to play than actual fun.. and I didn't have any connection with any characters.... But I have faith in Square Enix and i think they have the potential to do something amazing
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28 / M / Miami, Florida
Posted 12/6/12 , edited 12/6/12
No OP you are not, in fact you are not the only one.

You see many fans of the series are left scratching their heads with one simple question, "Where is Final Fantasy Versus?". This Final Fantasy title has been going on for literally 8 years and about to be 9. Since it's announcement, Square has been very vague about the development of the title and where exactly are they in completing it so they can enter Alpha stage, the game is so ridiculously considered VAPORWARE that Naughty Dog manage to release the entire trilogy of Uncharted + VITA title and card game, Square manage to release both Final Fantasy 13, 13-2, Type-0, AND releasing the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Many fans have asks what's been going on with the game, but Nomura being the troll that he is replied "I can't answer that at this moment of time, please be more patient"

>Please be more Patient
>Eight Years

I'm done.
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Posted 12/21/12 , edited 12/21/12
I enjoyed ffXIII, I even, to an extent, enjoyed FFXIII-2.

I think the big problem with square-enix is that they've forgotten how important it is to have meaningful characters who have real tragedies. It's funny, just the other week I was thinking about this exact thing... I wrote about it on my website lol

But ya, back in the old days we had moments like General Leo's death... here's someone who has been our enemy, but is honorable... and his noble death can't help but make you tear up... or Aerith's death, the most iconic moment in gaming history almost... but nowadays we get things like Hope's mom... who you really can't help but feel she's happy with her situation, finally free from dealing with Hope ever again... or them COMPLETELY undoing the important moment of FFX's ending by having X-2 overwrite it entirely.

I think it was between FFX and FFX-2 that they forgot how important characters are.

If anyone's interested in reading, the url for my website is in my profile - I don't want to spam links in my posts, not terribly polite... but the article on FF should be about 2 pages back.
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29 / M / Bonne Lake, WA
Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/23/12
I still like SE. They are kinda like Valve, but japanese. How long have we been waiting on Half Life 3? like 10 years?
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29 / M / Australia
Posted 12/23/12 , edited 12/23/12
Im getting pretty sick of all the mobile games they are making. Also FFxiv reboot is pretty awesome from what Ive seen.
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29 / M / Phatuum Thani, Th...
Posted 12/24/12 , edited 12/25/12
Been waiting like 6-7 years for versus....
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46 / M / PA.
Posted 12/25/12 , edited 12/25/12
Square Enix is in my Deus-Ex: Human Revolution? Go away please.

So, when will we see "The Bouncer 2" from them? The world needs another Square Soft brawler.
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27 / M / Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted 12/29/12 , edited 12/29/12
The very first thing they did was this. I'm not impressed, am kind of saddened by it, and never want to play a Final Fantasy game ever again.

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M / Auckland
Posted 1/3/13 , edited 1/4/13
I can't wait for a realm reborn!
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25 / M
Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/4/13

All Square Enix cares about is money.

This is the genuine motive of any company with a bit of influence in whatever they do...
So that's just plain rubbish.

Same thing as for the reason to why FF7 doesn't get a remake and never will.
Their excuse was something along the lines of "We havn't had a FF game that was as commercially succesful as FF7 and until we do, there won't be a Final Fantasy 7 remake"
Call it a Carrot on a stick way of marketing.

Anything beyond Final Fantasy 10 was a complete failure, maybe with a slight exception of the 12'th instalment which I guess is a love/hate thing.

World Maps, Summons, Turnbased combat, ridiculously challenging bonus bosses, compelling deuteragonists or a proper story that isn't every other Anime you can find in any trashbin.

Final Fantasy was awesome once, but nothing ever remains the same as such. We just have to deal with it.
As for constantly delayed games, or projects that are being hidden in the claws of Square Enix' CEO, well... I've stopped believing to be honest. That counts for Kingdom Hearts 3. My expectations are low, very low.
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30 / Michigan
Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/4/13
@OP: To a certain extent I'm disappointed with SE. To a point I agree, although not as much as EA has me "sick of them."

It's all gone down-hill since the Sqaure-Soft and Enix merger. For Final-Fantasy specifically. They wouldn't let the founding creator of FF Hironobu Sakaguchi do anything with the series that he wanted and as a result FF continues to dole the same-old same-old every year, with only changes to the story told and slight tweaks to the fighting system mostly. This is because SE wont change anything about FF majorly and fears that if they do that they would lose an entire fan-base. I want FF to continue to expand as a full in-depth RPG series but all up to 13-2 are only made with the contribution of Hironobu Sakaguchi. He left and formed up with Mistwalker, which has made things like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

Although aside FF, I'm still a fan of the game series that they release such as Tomb Raider (the new re-boot), Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts.

At one point I was so sick of the FF stuff, I decided to stop playing the series new releases beyond 13-2, and I think only if its an MMO will I personally kinda care then and there. Mostly because of Hironobu Sakaguchi missing in action at SE and SE just wanting to purely milk FF as a series.

For SE their biggest threat is fear it-self that they cling to by not trying new or completely different things with FF as a RPG.

I've also posted some info on the topic from Wikipedia for those of you that want a refresh on SE and it's related subject matter ie Games like FF, as you can see below.

Game Series currently under SE:


Tomb Raider
(by Edios)

Kingdom Hearts

Dragon Quest

Wikipedia List of SE Video Games:

[Game Series Mentioned]

Final-Fantasy Series Wikipedia:

Dragon Quest Series Wikipedia:

Kingdom Hearts Series Wikipedia:

Tomb Raider Series Wikipedia:

[People Mentioned]
Hironobu Sakaguchi, Wiki: (FF Founder and Creator)

[Companies Mentioned]
Wikipedia, Mistwalker:

Wikipedia, Square-Enix:

( *thanks for viewing and reading my rather large post)
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27 / M / West-Central Florida
Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/4/13
It's not that I'm sick of them...I just wish they wouldn't be so stupid sometimes.

Final Fantasy is one of my favorite--if not my favorite--video game series. Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 were both absolutely terrible (in my and most other players' opinions) compared to the rest of the Final Fantasy games. Yet for some reason, they continue to pop them out of nowhere. Next up is Lightning Returns, and then after that (eventually) comes Final Fantasy XIII: Versus.

I don't really care about the outcome of Lightning Returns, but Versus better be the greatest game ever made. They keep giving us games that end up being kinda janky as--I'm assuming (and by "assuming", I mean "hoping")--filler games, for the gap between XII and what they really intended XIII to be.

If Versus is another terrible game, I'm going to get really mad. They could have easily spent just as much time (actually, probably less time) on a remake of VII, VIII or IX, and they already know they would have been successful. If they keep this up, they're just going to be digging themselves a hole that they can't climb out of.
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27 / M / Minnesota
Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/6/13
Most people are mad at SE.

1) 99% of the stuff they've done lately has been ports to iOS or making web browser games.

2) They're silent on Versus so it probably doesn't even exist. Same with KH3 but I'm not a KH fan.

3) XIII and XIV were massive disappointments, and although XIII-2 and the upcoming XIII-3 may be improvements, there's just a general dissatisfaction and stagnation in the FF series.

I wanna say it is due to them not finding the right way to progress in the FF series as technology and tastes in gaming change. FF used to be THE blockbuster cinematic gaming experience and it fell pretty far with XIII.

With that being said, I'm foolishly optimistic. I think with the right people they can get some things done. TWEWY, for example, was pretty good and out-of-nowhere. I've been keeping an eye open to the changes being made for FFXIV A Realm Reborn. In contrast, I played Theathrhythm (I'm a huge fan of Nobuo Uematsu and rhythm games) and it was just kind of insulting to me, and I sold it a few days later.
Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/7/13
OOOOOHHHHHHHH............I. HATE! Square Enix. If there's one thing I can't STAND about them, it's that, nowadays, they have proven that they just. Don't. CCCAAAAARRRRREEEEEE anymore! Practically every entry in the series after X was a [email protected]#KING MESS!!
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26 / F / Italy
Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/7/13
They should have stopped making Final Fantasy games after FFX

Done and over with.
The others are stupid.
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