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This thread serves as a list of techniques that everyone can learn, if that person fulfills certain conditions. If people wish to learn a technique listed below, they should pm me, Sengoku Kaien, and I'll direct them on how to start and how to learn the technique.

Please note, the list will be constantly updated, with skills people create themselves and allow others to learn. Please pm me if you want some of your techniques offered to the people, and I'll list them here.


Sōkotsu: This move will take an entire week to master and you will need a hakuda mastery. Stronger than Ikkotsu, it is a powerful two-fisted punch used by Yamamoto against Wonderweiss.[5] The attack in one blow can totally destroy an opponent.

Ikkotsu: This move will take 5 days and will need a hakuda mastery. A powerful punch used by Yamamoto against Wonderweiss Margela. Using this technique, Yamamoto was able to destroy much of Wonderweiss' abdomen and send him flying along a city street and into a building, destroying it

Raioken: This move will take 5 days and will need a mastery. A technique involving a series of ultra-high-speed punches delivered using both arms. When performing this technique while wearing Anti-Hierro Armor, Yoruichi was able to severely crack Aizen's first form, as well as destroy the surrounding portion of Karakura Town in the process.

Oni Headpoke: This move will take 5 days learn. A technique where a simple finger flick has enough physical force to send an opponent flying a considerable distance away, even with enough power to crash through multiple physical constructs.

Sandbag Beat: This move will take 4 days to learn. A technique where Kensei delivers multiple strikes at an extremely fast pace causing aggravated damage to a target. The technique is powerful enough to not only shatter a Menos Grande's mask but utterly destroy its body.

Tsukiyubi: This move wil take 4 days to learn. A technique where simply extending the index and middle fingers of one hand in unison, while they are in contact with an opponent, possesses enough physical force to effortlessly send someone of even Chad's stature, flying several meters away

Gatling Mad Stomp: This will take 3 days to master. A technique that has Hiyori do multiple foot stomps on Ichigo's face. The technique is powerful enough to send Ichigo flying and completely shatter his Hollow mask.

Kazaguruma: This will take 3 days to learn. A technique where one throws their body up into the air, making a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. The move can either be done backwards or sideways. When the move is done with one leg high over the head to deliver a devastating kick to an opponent sending them flying away with tremendous force.

Panty-Flash Tornado: this move will take three days to learn. A technique where Lisa does a upside rotating straddle split, similar to a tornado, this has the effect of delivering a multiple kick attack at opponent that is near her.

Tessho: This will take 2 days to learn. An open palm strike that can effortlessly shatter a Hollow's head to pieces with single strike.

Chōhigezutsuki (super stubble headbutt): This will take one day to learn. A technique where a head butt attack is used with such force that it sends an opponent flying backward a considerable distance.

The below techniques can be taught by Ryu Todoroki. ( Jun Fan-san's character )

Shungeki Level 1: By launching the blow and stretching the attacking limb while Shunpoing, he delivers a very quick and powerful blow.

Wing Clipper: A devastating low kick that prevents the opponent from using Shunpo and Sonido for 5 posts and reduces the opponent's Speed by 40.

Utmost Fluidity:Having trained in Hakuda for years, the user acquires a body that is completely relaxed while fighting, that allows him to control his body better, react quicker and fire stronger and faster blows, since the antagonistic muscles don't inhibit his motions. It increases Reflexes and Speed by 20.

Internal Blow:A blow that bypasses one's strong skin or Hierro, not damaging it, and sending the power of the blow explode inside one's body. It destroys a vital organ or a bone, depending on the spot it hits. After that the user’s limb that fired Internal Blow goes numb and can't be moved at all for 5 of the user’s posts
Way of the Intercepting Fist:The moment he perceives the opponent's attack and intent, he moves to block and attack at the same time. Needs Hakuda, Speed, Strength and Reflexes stats more than the opponent’s Hakuda/Zanjutsu ( depending on the attack), Speed, Strength and Reflexes stats.

Economy of Motion: Using no wasted movements is a gift and a skill that requires years of practice. Subtle yet makes a big difference. When defending/blocking/dodging, the user blocks as if he has +20 Speed.

Reflexive Exhalation: Letting a small breath when exerting or receiving force is fundamental for martial arts, and if done correctly and timely, it also makes a difference. When used along an attack, it provides +20 Speed and Strength. When used when receiving a hit to the body, it increases Durability by 20.

Effective Angle: While blocking, if one uses his body at a correct angle, he can withstand more force. It takes an experienced martial artist to implement this to the finest degree. When blocking/defending, the user blocks as if he has has +20 Strength.

Tetsu no Tama: The user visualizes the sphere of his range, which he can control with his limbs and focuses on letting no blow pass through it, by intercepting it as soon as it reaches his sphere of influence. Thus, this imaginary sphere becomes a barrier against physical blows.The user needs higher or equal Strength and Speed than his opponent, and Reflexes higher than the opponent’s Speed to do this.

Crippling Palm: A palm strike that aims at a vital organ. It weakens one’s body thus, and reduces Strength by 30 for 3 posts. Can be stacked up to 3 times

The below techniques are created and kindly offered by samreaper:

Bear Palm: Like Tessho where the palm is used, but does not destroy as a thin layer is placed upon the palm. Striking the body with the palm can seal off the reiastu flow to the body part for three minutes or if struck at the center part of the chest can completely seal all reistu for three minutes. If hit with both palms will seal for 6 minutes. (3 posts for one palm and 6 posts for both)

Bear Kick
: Similar with Bear Palm, but being stronger making its effect last longer of 5 minutes and if both feet 8 minutes.

Bear toxin Palm
: Unlike bear palm this is more to paralyze the body part struck for the same amount of time as bear palm. Except full body paralysis will last 5 seconds and 10 seconds with both palm.

Bear toxin Kick
: same as the palm only 10 seconds full body paralysis and 18 seconds for both feet.

Korui Nuki
: The user relaxes and compresses all the muscles in their legs after getting the opponent into the air or at a certain angle if the enemy is big enough. Planting one foot firmly on the ground then throwing the kicking leg upwards till fully extende and kick at the body with great force causing the planted foot to dig and crack into the ground a little. This kick can cause bones to shatter and destroy organs if implented correctly.

Fuzei Sochi
(Air step): By constricting the muscles in his legs and releasing them doing rapid small kicks in a row can kick off in the air as if a stepping point was where his foot was. However, for each time he does it in a row afterwards his speed is lowered by 30 for the same number of times he recently did it. At lieutenant level most he can do it in a row is 4 times and at captain 8 times. This helps make up for not having shunpo giving him the ability to come at nearly any angle for a strike, but sometimes its hard to control the speed and without controlling or giving an aim to it will cause him to miss the target or come short. Example: if done 3 times in a row then afterwards for the next 3 posts his speed will be lowered by 30.

Inyou Kyokuha Nukite
: A very powerful jab where moving in close range after catching the opponent off guard. Moving the arms in such rapid succession that it will cause after-images of the arms slowly building up energy. Then throwing out both hands with fingers extended for a jab, but where only one is used for the real jab as the other is fake to throw off the enemy. Then shortly before striking twisting of the arms to further increase the power of the jab. The jab can crush through some of the toughest armors that can crush bones and the heart if done accurately.

Raging Demon: This is a form technique that uses the pain and grief and hate gained throughout the person's life and pooling and controlling it. The form takes great concentration to maintain it without losing control as the body's skin turns grey with demonic markings forming over the body. Along with the hair growing longer and spikier. In this state speed, durability and strenght are increased while its active as the body is only able to handle it for 8 minutes. (8 posts) Afterwards the fatigue it does on the body will lower all stats by 30 and will cause the person to struggle to keep fighting.

Stats as mentioned are increased by 25
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Posted 10/31/12 , edited 11/1/12

Every spell listed at the bottom as Hado Spells or Bakudo Spells, but NOT Kido Barriers & Spells or Uncategorized spells. Will be updated.
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Hitotsume: Nadegiri (The First: Killing Stroke): This will take a week to learn and will require a mastery. This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash that is so precise, that they aren't even aware of it until after it has taken place

Senmaioroshi ( "Thousand-Page Wholesale"): This move will take 5 days to learn and requires a mastery. A technique where multiple blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces.

Hōzuri ("Cheek Stroke"): This move will take 5 days to learn. The reason why this move will take 5 days is because it is hard to leave light damage on purpose. A simple but precise slash technique that is meant only to lightly graze and cause superficial wounds

Agitowari ( "Chin/Jaw Splitting") This move will take 4 days to learn. A sword technique where a single sword attack cuts an opponent in half from the jaw down the length of the body until the target is bi-sectioned.

Ryōdan ("Bisection"): This will take 4 days to learn. A two-handed Kendo technique that has the practitioner bring the sword down with enough force that it can cut an opponent in half right down the middle

Suikawari ("Watermelon Splitting") This move will take three days to learn. A technique involving a two-handed, overhead slash that aims to cleanly and precisely cleave an opponent's head in twain, regardless of its size.

Shitonegaeshi ("Cushion Return"): This move will take three days to learn. A pinning technique that aims to subdue an opponent and immobilize them on the ground using coercion alone, by Urahara suspending the tip of his cane just millimeters from their face, after he has already struck them down
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Shunpo: a movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow.[2]. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move; those of little skill in the technique or those who haven't used it an extended amount of time would obviously be out of practice, causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded far easier in a shorter amount of time.

Senka: A special Shunpo technique where one moves behind the opponent to directly attack and seal one's "Saketsu ( Chain Binding)" and "Hakusui (Soul Sleep)" in two rapid attacks. The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are. This move can only be used by captains who are shunpo masters.
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