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You need to add her background,her powers/abilities and the world she is from before ur character is accepted
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1. Name: Alexandria Kasumi

2. Age: 17

3.Gender: Female

4.Background: its not all known because her memory has been erased, all she knows is she has a twin brother and they aren't exactly normal.

5.Personality: quiet, shy, easily embarrassed, kind, honest, timid

6.Powers/Abilities: enhanced physical abilities, and a skilled use in the magic

7.Other: her nicknames are Alex, Mist, and Yin

8.Weapons: magic and anything she can get her hands on

9.Weakness: spiders, her brother


11:World character is from: unknown

Name: Johnathan Kasumi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Background: unlike his sister he knows the truth. They were lab experiments gone wrong. He turned his back on his programming and lives a life of crime.

Personality: cold, cynical, rude, demanding, uncaring

Powers/abilities : enhanced strength and speed

Others: nickname is yang and he can become a cat

Weapons: himself and knives

Weakness: his sister. And ghost

World: unknown

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Name: Silver Crow
Gender: Male
Background:Silver Crow is Haru's Duel Avatar. It has a humanoid shape with a green faceplate that he can willing open to eat food. For his body, it is mostly colored with silver and is armored with silver. The armor covers most of his body especially around his arms, legs and torso. He also has shoulder guards as well. His most astonishing feature is the wings that he can create on his back allowing him the ability to fly. Because of his ability to fly, he is considered to be the first Duel Avatar to do so in the Accel World.
Personality: Haru is rather timid at first due to him being bullied by Araya. However, after meeting Kuroyukihime and receiving the Brain Burst program, he was able to stand up for himself to help Kuroyukihime acheive her dreams. He is also very determined to keep his friendship with Taku and Chiyu after the many problems between them and because of that determination, he strives for the best.
power Abilities: As Silver Crow, he doesn't know any techiques. His brain burst character is only known to use physical abilities and technique usage. He's the only Brain Burst character that has the ability to use wings and fly, which makes him so unique in the Brain Burst world.
After losing his ability to fly due to Dusk Taker, he is able to learn the basics of the Incarnate System by Sky Raker which augmented his current abilities.
Weapons/Equipments: Head butt, Laser blade, Physical burst/ Gale Buster, Neuro Linker
Approved -neko
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Name: yuki

Age: 17

Gender: female

Background:her parents didnt want her. her twin brother said she was a curse but she did not no why. she heard they spreaded a rumor about her giving bad luck so everyone ignores her. she was lonley that no one ever talked to her or ever wanted to look her way. so she was always quiet and doing things on her own.

Personality: carefree, quiet, devious, sneaky,scared

Powers/abilities :acrobatics, mind control, jester abilitys.

Others: unknown

Weapons: death staff

Weakness: dark rooms

world from:unknown

Name: mio

Age: 18

Gender: female

Background: shes a guardian angel and protects those that are introuble. the only problem she faces is finding a home or someone who will care for her. she died and became a guardian by force. but she does not regret taking care of others. she died because of her father who did not like her brother miso. so trying to kill her brother she tried to protect him but died in proccess. only a few people will be able to see her

Personality: quiet ,joyful, goofy, carefree

Powers/abilities : flying, casting spells, mind control

Others: liked it when her mom called her meme

Weapons: knives and giving people maximum pain from body control

Weakness: shadows

from:guardians woods
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Name: Isaac Clarke
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Back ground: Born on June 5, 2465 Isaac lived with his parents Poul Clarke, a ship designer, and Octavia Clarke, a Unitologist, in the Northeastern American seaboard sector. As a child, Isaac lived most of his life with his mother as his father left on a mission before he could even get to know him. Isaac took after his father and obtained an education in electrical and mechanical engineering, and was later selected to attend a prominent engineering academy. Unfortunately, he was unable to afford the tuition fees as his mother, a devout Unitologist, spent the family funds to purchase a vested-level title in the Church of Unitology. This led to his distrust and hatred for Unitologists and Unitology in general.

In 2508, Isaac was part of an emergency response unit attached to the USG Kellion. The crew was dispatched to the USG Ishimura, a CEC mining ship last reported to be over Aegis VII, to investigate and handle the ship's problems. After "shocking out", the Kellion tried to hail the Ishimura and establish communication with the ship's crew. Unfortunately, as the Kellion tried to land into the Ishimura's landing bay, the ship was severely damaged due to a docking procedure malfunction and was forced to crash into the landing bay, severely damaging the ship and losing its port boosters. Shortly after disembarking from the damaged Kellion and noticing that the ship seemed deserted, the party was attacked by several unidentified entities in the flight lounge, later revealed to be infected crew members now known as Necromorphs. In the aftermath of the attack, only Isaac, Computer Specialist Kendra Daniels, and the team's commander, Zach Hammond survived.

Personalty: Even before the events of Dead Space, Isaac Clarke had strong resentment for Unitologists, an emotion that originated from the actions of his mother, who had spent the family funds on exploring Unitology. After the events of Dead Space, this feeling would mutate from distrust into hatred. Isaac enrolled in the electrical and mechanical engineering course, joined the Merchant Marines and focused on major shipping lines. Isaac then tried to find out where his father was, but he had been missing for quite some time and his personal files were kept classified by EarthGov. Isaac loved Nicole deeply, as shown by his determination to find her amongst the infested USG Ishimura. Isaac was also heavily distraught after finding out that Nicole had committed suicide via Kendra.

Even three years later, during the events on the Sprawl, Isaac found himself unable to let go of Nicole, and was saddened and weakened by her continuous psychological presence. Fortunately, as Isaac traveled deeper into the Sprawl, he displayed strength against Nicole and was increasingly more willing to let go of her. Even so, Isaac was consumed with guilt over the death of Nicole, as he had encouraged her to take up a post on the USG Ishimura.

He is a selfless and determined individual as shown throughout the series, some examples are him activating a gunship so Ellie can be rescued despite her protests not wanting her to end up like Nicole, in Dead Space 3, he tries to save a fellow engineer Santos promising to do so despite time being of the essence, Isaac is angry and distraught when Carver cut the cable that led to her death.

As Isaac is a CEC Engineer, some of his best traits are hacking, repairing and dismantling technological machines. An example of this came about during the Sprawl outbreak, where he dismantled a Kinesis Therapy machine box in the hospital and removed its Kinesis Module for his own uses, along with a Stasis Module some time later. Also, he was able to improvise the creation of a Plasma Cutter using a flashlight and a surgical module when he tried to help a survivor. Due to his experience on the USG Ishimura and the heinous betrayal of Kendra, Isaac was understandably slow to trust the people around him. However, he would still go out of his way to help others. Isaac's courage and skill with mechanics and improvised firearms has made him the most successful combatant against the Necromorphs so far.

Weapons: 211-V Plasma CutterThe 211-V Plasma Cutter, also referred to as the "Plasma Cutter" or simply "the Cutter", is a hand-portable mineral cutter manufactured by Schofield Tools. The Plasma Cutter is one of the miner's primary tools of the trade, offering unrivaled reliability in even the most hostile of work environments. In the main entries of the Dead Space series, it is often the initial "reappropriated tool" used by protagonist Isaac Clarke.
World: Northeastern American seaboard sector

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1. Name: Kurogane Date (nickname: Kuro)

2. Age: 21

3.Gender: male

4.Background: Kurogane was kidnapped at the age of 1 by who no one knows but he was taken to another world where he was given to an orphanage and was adopted by jack-o-lantern people. he lived a normal life in this world and he didn't really want anything else from life,but he still felt there was something missing so he left at the age of 17. at the age of 19 he met a traveler like him. the traveler was a kind man asked kurogane if he wanted to learn something kurogane accepted the offer and the man taught kurogane how to use his soul for magical abilities.

5.Personality: Dumb, hard-headed, good looking, lazy, fit, he doesn't know when enough is enough

6.Powers/Abilities: he can create objects based on his soul this ability is called Manipulate he has another ability called Soul Search which allows him to use objects from someone else's soul.

7.Other: he wears a biker helmet that looks like a jack-o-lantern ,purple robes ,and a fox tail. he dislikes humans (even though he is one)

8.Weapons: he has a pair of white gloves with magic inscriptions that enhance his abilities

9.Weakness: things made of steel stop his abilities.


11:World character is from: The world of sleep Iralio
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1. Name: Tami

2. Age: 15

3.Gender: Female

4.Background: Unknown

5.Personality: Nice, cute (sometimes), laughs a lot, very scary when mad

6.Powers/Abilities: Super speed, super strength, manipulation, controls nature, gymnastics

7.Other: Half human, half cat. She is cat when happy, when mad she is a human (a very scary human mind you)

8.Weapons: Daggers

9.Weakness: Unknown

when mad~

11:World character is from: Unknown

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1. Name: Kuitsu

2. Age: 18

3.Gender: Male

4.Background: All he can remenber is energy, until he became physical

5.Personality: Likes learning a lot, contradicts himself a lot, sometimes he is extremely sensitive-- very unpredictable

6.Powers/Abilities: To the person talking to; can be very deceiving*
Influences things around him [range and strength may increase as his knowledge increases]

7.Other: - - -seems to become gas at times---

8.Weapons: words and matter around him

9.Weakness: becomes completely defenceless when he is puzzled-- becomes instantly NEUTRAL (will not attack back)


11:World character is from: Unknown
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1.Name:Ace Darknight



4. Background:Unknown

5.Personality:Calm,quiet,mysterious, meticulous, kind, and can be distant when facing evil

6.Powers/Abilities:Controls light,darkness and fire,extremely durable

7.Other:Is immune to magic of any kind and can summon indestructible chains can also control people's shadows etc

8.Weapon:Uses a sword called Dark Blade




1.Name: Lex Darkburner




5.Personality:Calm, distant at times, rambunctious

6.Powers/Abilities:Controls fire and lightning also can control nature,extremely durable

7:Other:Can control nature energy etc

8.Weapon:Sword called Dark Flame



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1. Name: Wang Mei (last name, first name fyi)

2. Age: 20

3.Gender: Female

4.Background: Mei no longer remembers her life before the accident and the death of her older brother. Thus she created a new life for herself as an antique collector/seller and author. One day when a regular fellow antique collector comes in, she is given some ink pots that have a strange yet sweet scent to it. Her curiosity got the better of her as she started writing with it and was sucked into a world that she only just created.

5.Personality: Quiet, kind, sharp tongued, honest

6.Powers/Abilities: N/A

7.Other: Her hidden memories seem to progress the story and causes a sense of dejavu for her

8.Weapons: N/A

9.Weakness: Anything that seems to cause her memory to come back and her non-picky stomach


11:World character is from: 'Reality' as she calls it.


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1. Name: Kurosawa Mizuki

2. Age: 14

3.Gender: female

4.Background: Kurosawa Mizuki is a orphan girl who has been left behind by her parents and has been beaten up by people. She tries to not make someone pull up a convo. about her past. She sometimes can be very quiet and shy but once you get to know her she is really fun to hang with.

5.Personality: shy, quiet, fun, up-beat, enjoyable, cheerful, serious, playful, scary (somtimes)

6.Powers/Abilities: Mizuki can summon weapons from her arm and uses fire magic

7.Other: Her eye is always flaming when battling someone

8.Weapons: Arm canon, arm slicer, katana, multiple different kinds of guns

9.Weakness: Her weakness is her memories of when she was younger


11.World: character is from: Unknown
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