Anime Crowdfunding Site Anipipo Launching
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M / Philippines
Posted 10/27/12 , edited 10/28/12
is this cool or what? finally japan is using the potential of the internet more to create anime in an efficient way
first was niconico - is now in english too and might take the route of crunchyroll
and now crowfunding like kickstarter for anime is here -

The Japanese/Thai IT service development company Goopa launched a preview of its crowdfunding service Anipipo on Thursday.

The service, which will be available in English and Japanese, is being developed to exclusively fund animated projects through individual contributors

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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 10/28/12 , edited 10/28/12
more power to the fans as anime is reaching out more towards the international scene
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Posted 10/28/12 , edited 10/28/12
As of this writing, it looks like the Anipipo site is just getting started. An article on Inside Anime Expo states that its beta launch will happen in January 2013.

I'm curious as to whether fans will be willing to risk money on proposed animated films or series. Furthermore, are fans willing to also pay money for the final product?

It's probably a lot easier to get funding for a short film rather than a lengthy series. A good writer can create a story that takes place during only a few minutes of screen time. And short films make it easier to experiment with styles and techniques. But how much money would it take to fund a feature length movie, or a six-episode series?
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