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Character Creation

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Name:Tari Whitefeild
Race:human/war machine
Occupation:Hunter ( a race of vampire killers from another world)
Weapon:sycthe/blades summoned from his soul
Abilities:blood magic/ almost telekinetic control of swords he summons
Bio:Tari was summoned from another world known as Nightshade were he is a student and a famous hunter known for his loyalty to the "good" vampires and his mercyless murder of any one who stands in his ways, tari tends to be popular with both woman and men for his careing attudie and his girlish looks. But there is one the to fear from tari and thats is Tara the original owner of his body she tends to take control of the body and brutally attack random people. another thing to note about tari is that his soul itself was made to fight and harbors the blades known as twisted angel
Picture (spoiler):
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Name: Alex
Abilities:controlling sound waves
Bio: she awoke in atheos with no memory. Only a camera and a beat up electric guitar. Who is she? Why does she have no memory. Traveling from town to town not one person recognizes her when she asks around. Nothing looks familiar, nowhere feels like home. All she has is her music, the only way to express her feelings. She often snaps pictures of random people attempting to understand their actions and emotions. She doesn't understand her surroundings and seems to most apathetic as ever. Can someone unlock her dormant heart?

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Username: Bunnihilation
Name: Nala
Age: 17
Race: Human/Devil
Occupation: wandering samurai
Weapon: 2 swords, a gun and a chain.
Abilities: dual wielder, shadow manipulation (she can make herself into a shadow and also control other people's shadow thus having control over body movement), and lastly she can see people's life force (how long they have left to live).
Bio: Her mother joined a cult unknowingly when she was a rebellious young teen with a broken home, in an attempt to find a place to belong. Soon after she got chosen by the Devil during a ritual to bear his child, a child that would be raised to wreak havoc on worlds. He came to her in the form of an attractive human man and had his way with her. Once that was done, he revealed his true self to her so she'd be aware of what she'd just done. Her mom was mortified and tried to kill herself and the baby several time but failed because of the Devil's minions forcibly stopping her. Finally, once she gave birth to Nala, she went to the hospital roof and jumped off. The minions didn't stop her this time since the baby was already born, they had what they wanted. An older woman friend of her mom's who had first introduced the cult to her, kidnapped Nala and hid her away from the Devil and his minions so they wouldn't be able to go through with their plan. The friend placed a sealing tattoo on Nala so she'd be invisible to anything Devil-spawn. The friend raised Nala until she finally died of old age when Nala was fifteen. Ever since then, Nala has been on the road earning money by helping anyone she can with their problems, sometimes not even asking for pay. She's helped millions of people and saved many lives.
Note: she's been aware of her status as devil's child since she was little.
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Username: Keita-Satoru
Name: Saitou Hizamaki (goes by Sai)
Age: 23
Race: Human?
Occupation: Assassin
Weapon: Katana
Beserker: if his eye patch is removed the runes sealed inside his eye are unleashed giving him great strength the only downfall to this is that he will attack both friend and foe. the only way to stop his rampage is either to kill him or restrain him long enough to put the eye patch back on
Elemental Enhance: can bind an element type to his weapon he cannot due this in beserker mode however.
Bio: Sai is a skilled young man that is quite capable with a blade. In his home world he was experimented on which resulted in him being cursed into going into a beserk like state if his eye patch was ever removed. He decided to take up the role of an assassin feeling as though this type of job would prevent him from ever being close to others, he can be quite sociable when he wants to be, however he always has a fear of when he might go into a beserk like state so he makes sure that he doesn't get to attached to a person.
Picture (spoiler):

Name: Reena Ilumina (goes by Ree)
Age: 13
Race: Neko
Occupation: Beast Tamer
Weapon: Hammers
Grow hammer Grow!!!: This ability allows her to stretch out her hammer allowing her to attack from long distance.
Beast Communication: This ability allows her to communicate with beasts which often helps her in gaining loyalty from them.
Bio: Ree is considered to be very young to start the beast tamer business, she often likes to cosplay as animals making people often very confused as to what race she actually is. For such a young child she is quite strong to be able to wield large hammers as weapons. She is a very cheerful and bright girl and quite gulliable to those who give her candy or fish. It is unknown at the moment as to what world she came from.

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Occupation: Demon lord
Weapon:uses claws that are steel like. uses a mix of magic an martial arts to fight.
Abilities:controls arcane magics,but also is a master of hand to hand combat.
Bio:the title "Demon lord" is one held by only a few Demons of the higher class due to rater being born strong or gaining strength. Ragarook was the latter. he harden his body and mind through training and reading. soon he was able to alter and change himself a body hard as stone and claws of steel,his head suffered from a powerful spell during a fight with a demon cult who trid to control him,although they were all killed his face and head are nothing more then dark energy wrapped in bandages to keep its form.he wears a cloak that hides it for that exact in a castle me hides in a fog ,he spends his days creating new spells and destroying would be heros trying to make a name for themselves. he can be kind heart at times but only to those he calls "Guest"
Picture (spoiler):
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Username: 2magicgirl

Name: Kuro Yomi

Age: 14

Race: Shinigami

Occupation: Traveller at the moment , originally apart of a travelling circus

Weapon: She uses her abilitys but has two daggers and two guns just in case

Abilities: She has the ability to ultilize red rose petals and transform them into sharp knife-like objects to strike her opponent at far range. Also manipulation of strawberry and rose vines, which she uses to tie up her opponents .Can summon and control Rose vines with White Roses."Shinigami eyes" which causes her to see the remaining lifespan of any living creature. Enhanced ability causing her to jump long/heigh distances for example she can jump from the ground to a lamppost to the rooftop of a building.Also imuned to all diseases(well so far)

Bio: Kuro was born a Shinigami and with the appearance of a doll making her stand out.She was found in the middle of a wood 9 years ago in a case encrusted with a rose with a travelling circus.With no memory the circus took her under there wing.Performing fire dancing tricks and tight roping.The circus was full of 'Freaks' as the audience would joyfully call them ( Vampires etc)Five years ago in the middle of one show a mad man stumbled in holding a gun the cast of the circus tried there best to stop him however it didn't work.As a pink sparkling crystle appeared infront of Kuro she discovered her ability to control roses.Taking a heavy blow to the head after the tent crashed she went into a state of depression not performing any more shows locking herself in her caravan covering up her bright left red eye with a rose only showing her dark gold right eye.After two months passed the cast of the circus grew to worried about her they made a detour on there tour to the place they know she would "recharge" (Aka a graveyard - weird place )after making a promise to everyone about working her hardest with them she came out of the depression.Two years after on Halloween night a mad scientist kidnapped Kuro to see why she looked like a doll. Three people from the circus rescued her.However a zombie disease had been released within the building.By the time they escaped (three days after) one of them had been infected going back into the building to give them more time because the mad scientist was chasing after them.Kuro got separated from the other member of the circus getting lost.Now she is on a journey searching for the circus she loves.

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WARNING: Are these characters going to be finished anytime soon? Thy've been Under Co. for awhile.
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Oops I'm srry I'll get cracking! Thanks for the reminder I can be forgetful sometimes.
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