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Anime RPG party
Posted 12/7/12 , edited 12/8/12

heroine: Fate Testarossa
bro4life: Archer
wise mentor: Kusaribe Hakaze
eye candy: Yukikaze Panettone
comic relief: Kamiigusa Misaki
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M / HI
Posted 1/15/13 , edited 1/15/13

Oh thats a cute list
Posted 2/22/13 , edited 2/23/13

Heroine/Support: Yuuki Asuna (SAO)
Bro4 Life: Otonashi Yuzuru (Angel Beats!)
Wise Mentor: Captain Herlock (Space Pirate Captain Herlock)
Eye Candy: Shigure Asa (Shuffle!)
Comic Relief: Nyarlathotep (Haiyore! Nyaruko-San)
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Posted 2/22/13 , edited 2/23/13
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29 / F
Posted 2/22/13 , edited 2/23/13
do you have sword art online ? I want to come, and I will bought this prop to come,
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27 / California
Posted 2/23/13 , edited 2/23/13

Hero: Me //_^
Heroine/Support: Merry Nightmare -Dream Eater Merry
Bro4Life: Natsu Dragneel -Fairy Tail
Wise Mentor: Itachi Uchiha -Naruto
Eye Candy: Ikaros -Heaven's Lost Porperty
Comic Relief: Konata Izumi -Lucky Star
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24 / M / Oregon
Posted 2/23/13 , edited 2/23/13
Support: Orihime Inoue [Bleach] ( For healing and blocking abilities )
Bro4Life: Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto] ( Having a friend who would literally give up his life to save you is my kind of friend, also his fighting abilities don't hurt)
Wise Mentor: Master Roshi [Dragon Ball Z] (Being Goku's teacher is all the reason I need)
Eye Candy: Mizore Shirayuki [Rosario+Vampire] (Soooooo hot, and her powers are useful in combat)
Comic Relief: Kirino Kousaka [Oriemo] (Completely useless, but she always gets a laugh out of my xD)

Posted 2/23/13 , edited 2/23/13

I too went the harem route ^_^

Heroine/support- hatsune miku-chan <333 (technically she isn't an anime character but for me she is the only choice for leading lady)
Bro4 life- Saber
Wise mentor- takamachi Nanoha (honestly i prefer loli nonoha but adult Nanoha fits better)
eye candy- satellizer el bridget
comic relief- akaza akari (should i just have left that box blank lol?)

heres the full size picture cause they got pretty distorted fitting them in the box
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32 / M / Over there
Posted 2/23/13 , edited 2/23/13

Heroine: Erza from Fairy Tail. Wih her in the party, we'd have no trouble clearing out any cave or whatever.
Bro: Kamina from TTGL. With him, everyday would be awesome and inspirational XD
Mentor: Makarov from Fairy Tail. Could pick so many, but I went with the shortest one XD And he knows so great magic spells.
Eye Candy: Kou Yukina from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. With him in the party, we could sneak away and do all sorts of nice things hihi.
Comic relief: Mayushii from Steins Gate. Hearing her say "Tuturu~" every now and then would put a smile on everyone.
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M / United States
Posted 2/23/13 , edited 2/24/13

Hero: Me
Bro4Life:Sakuragi "Anchan"
Support: Revy
Wise Mentor: Yoshino
Eye Candy:Fear Kubrick
Comic Relief: Kudryavka Noumi
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24 / M / Edmonton, AB
Posted 2/24/13 , edited 2/24/13

Hero: Myself
Heroine/Support: L85A1 "Eru"
Bro4Life: Allegory Detective Asou Daisuke (Not from an anime I know, but I cant see anybody else being here)
Wise Mentor: Katsuragi Keima
Eye Candy: Kashiwazaki Sena
Comic Relief: Itoshiki "Zetsubou" Nozomu
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24 / M / Quezon City
Posted 3/28/13 , edited 3/28/13

Hero: Myself (Duh of course I'll be the hero :D)
Heroine/Support: Hinagiku Katsura (My anime dream girl since highschool :D)
Bro4Life: Kazuto Kirigaya (Sometimes we share the same behavior :D)
Wise Mentor: Manager Ken (Even it he jokes arround, his teaching are very useful :D)
Eye Candy: Ayu Tsukimiya (Just can't stand starring at her cuteness :D)
Comic Relief: Mamoru Takamura (Pervert and a comedian haha)
Posted 6/26/13 , edited 6/26/13

Hero: Myself (And the superabilities are not included with the set? I would not mind them X))
Heroine/Support: Akemi Homura (Surprisingly strong nature, but for all that she's so feminine. And also will be a great support in the fight.)
Bro4Life: Monkey D. Luffy (Well, is there to say? Nakama, meat, adventure!)
Wise Mentor: Simon Brezhnev (Strong, knows how to prepare sushi, and in Russian with him will be possible to talk ^_^)
Eye Candy: Black Hanekawa (Oh, she's so beautiful * _ * № 1 for me among all the anime girls)
Comic Relief: Ika Musume (The funniest attempt to enslave humanity in history XD)
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25 / M / Free World Jail
Posted 6/26/13 , edited 6/26/13
Sigh...Probably took longer than expected...

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25 / M / Texas
Posted 6/26/13 , edited 6/26/13
Heroine/support - Kagome InuYasha
Bro4life - Kagami Taiga Kuroko's Basketball
Wise mentor - Genkai Yu Yu Hakusho
Eye Candy - Yoko Littner Gurren Lagann
Comic Relief - Akio Furakawa Clannad
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