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Anime RPG party
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Posted 8/4/13 , edited 8/4/13

CaelK wrote:

... I had a four person party in mind at one point in time.

Ryoko Asakura, from Haruhi
Shion Sonozaki, from Higurashi
Ayase Aragaki, from OreImo

And for a four person team I actually put together...

Me (Knight, Great Swords)
Maya Matsumoto, from Working! (Archer, Guns)
Himeko Tachibana, from K-ON! (Wizard, Hammers)
Tsukiyo Ooba, from Sketchbook (Wizard, Staves)

Posted 8/4/13 , edited 8/4/13
Heroine/support - Irisviel von Einsbern
Bro4life - Makishima Shougo
Wise mentor - Emiya Kiritsugu
Eye Candy - Moko Akashiya
Comic Relief - Sousuke Sagara

I usually hate having 2 people from the same series on lists like this but it felt right.
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